Friday, October 18, 2013

Follow the Rule and Enjoy the Exception

Eat To Your Health

Last night Rich and I took one of his business colleagues who is visiting from Australia, out to dinner.
We went to one of our favorite restaurants over-looking the water. The atmosphere is cozy and beautiful with white linen table clothes and candle light. Tiki torches on the outside deck finish off the warm, inviting atmosphere.

It was a really fun evening and we enjoyed good conversation over a delicious meal. I ordered wild King Salmon which was served over grilled asparagus on a bed of wild rice and sweet potatoes. Rich ordered Prime Rib which was served with a potato and carrot side that resembled a sandwich. We shared our meals with each other and everything was simply amazing.
We started off the evening with a halibut appetizer and some flatbread with spinach dip.

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After dinner Rich and I did something we rarely do. We shared a dessert. We chose a chocolate rum mousse and enjoyed it with a cup of coffee.
Everything just melted in our mouths and was so incredible. The conversation was good and peppered with laughter and the entire evening was enjoyable from beginning to end.
We rarely eat that much food in one sitting and we don’t indulge in rich foods on a regular basis either, so my tummy was angry with me all day today.


Allowing yourself to enjoy an out of the ordinary meal occasionally is important. We so enjoyed ourselves last night and I have no regrets. Overall we did make pretty healthy choices and I ate much less than I would have on a night like that a few years ago. I didn’t devour an entire dessert by myself or choose high carb foods heavy with cheeses and thick sauces. My choices are much different than they used to be and since my diet is so healthy and light on a regular basis, my body doesn’t know what to do when it receives something that different. That’s okay though. I took good care of it today and I feel fine tonight.


I kept my meals small today, drank plenty of water with apple cider vinegar to help neutralize the stomach acids and even though I felt exhausted, I did a really intense twenty-five minute cardio workout and followed it up with a shower and a nutrition packed Shakeology for lunch.


It amazes me how much better I felt after the exercise and getting my body back on track with the normal light and healthy nutrition it’s accustomed to.
How about you? Do you beat yourself up when you overdo it a bit or make choices that you know aren’t the best, or do you give yourself a little grace and enjoy it?
I have a rule of thumb that works really well for me. I follow the rule and enjoy the exception. Today I went back to the rule and yesterday I enjoyed the exception.
Don’t beat yourself up. Make good choices every day and enjoy some variation once in a while. It’s good for you!

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