Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Leading By Example

About two and a half years ago, my husband and I decided it was time to do something about our health. We were both overweight and had medical issues as a result. We embarked on a journey into physical fitness and nutrition.  Daily workouts became a part of our routine. We challenged each other, laughed when we felt frustrated, encouraged each other and kept each other motivated. At the time, we didn't really think about the impact this change would have on our kids and yet it did.  It wasn't long before we needed to rearrange the living room furniture to create enough space for our children to join us. The other night while we were working out, doing a combination of cardio and strength training, I decided to take a little break and capture some photos of our youngest son. He was having a great time, grunting and groaning as he mimicked what he saw his Mom and Dad doing. He even got creative....building his own set of weights for strength training. Not all of our examples are good ones because we certainly are not perfect parents, and that's why this is such a big deal.  Children really do follow our examples. This caused me to really ponder what kind of example I provide for them not only with fitness, but with my words, actions, attitudes, daily routine, character, and most of all spiritually.  Parenting is a big job and it drives me to examine my heart and actions daily. I find I am constantly apologizing and re-grouping and learning.....realizing daily just how "messed up" I really am. Somehow when we know there are little ones following our example, it challenges growth. I am glad I have the best resource of all to tap into, because I sure need the wisdom that only God can give. I need that quiet time with Him daily and I need the strength and wisdom that comes from reading His Word and spending time processing it all with Him.

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