Friday, November 22, 2013

Portraits of Thanksgiving


This has been one of the prettiest, most colorful fall seasons in our area.

IMG_9384 (604x800)

My camera has been happily out of its case on a regular basis as we have enjoyed the activities of a busy and beautiful fall season.

A couple of weeks ago we had lunch with some friends and then enjoyed a short and refreshing, brisk hike up a small hill in our area.



IMG_9361 (800x608) IMG_9359 (800x617) IMG_9358 IMG_9357 (800x608)

The kids had a great time.

After reaching the top of the hill, they had leaf fights and the paparazzi was busily capturing every moment of a glorious fall day.

IMG_9394 (800x608) IMG_9397 (691x800)

IMG_9387 (800x603)

IMG_9382 (610x800) IMG_9378

IMG_9331 IMG_9345 (600x800)

IMG_9369 IMG_9368

IMG_9381 IMG_9380

IMG_9386-001 (800x608)


IMG_9374 (800x610)

IMG_9336 IMG_9334 (608x800)

IMG_9330 (800x608)


We have enjoyed some fun activities as a family this fall and our property provides a great creative outlet for my little camera.

Sunset through the trees

DSC06816 DSC06814

Hiking around on our property

 DSC06793 DSC06791

Views from our back yard

 DSC06855 DSC06854 (800x605) DSC06853

More views of our yard and a view from our kitchen window

DSC06852 DSC06851 DSC06850-001 DSC06848 DSC06847

Fun Fall Festival

Our church does a beautiful festival each fall and it's an amazing outreach to the community. Our little guys loved it and our older daughter enjoyed working in one of the booths.

DSC06846 DSC06845

There was this crazy lion there that totally photo bombed one of my pictures. HA!

DSC06844 DSC06843 (800x648)

The boys got their faces painted and loved playing games at several of the boothes.

DSC06842 DSC06840 DSC06838 DSC06837-001 DSC06837 DSC06836 (800x612) DSC06835 DSC06834 (800x600) DSC06833 DSC06832 (800x506) DSC06831 DSC06830 (800x600) DSC06829 DSC06828

It's been a great fall. It's hard to believe Thanksgiving is next week already. Where did the time go?

The leaves that graced us with their brilliant fall wardrobe, now stand bare against the sky and there is a new beauty of frosty mornings and woodstove fires, to enjoy.

DSC06825 DSC06824 (800x606) DSC06823 DSC06822-001 DSC06821 (800x609) DSC06820 DSC06819 (800x605) DSC06817 DSC06816 (800x609) DSC06815 DSC06794 DSC06813 DSC06789 (800x605) DSC06787 (800x611)

Wishing you a lovely Thanksgiving season!

Remember to count your many blessings!

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