Monday, December 9, 2013

Holiday Traditions and Health


 With Thanksgiving behind us and the Christmas season in full swing, sweets, carbs and all kinds of delicious food are in abundance. Traditions of baking and candy making are deeply ingrained in many of us. We receive gifts of sweets, there are treats galore at the office, Bible study, and dinner dates with friends. As a result it is common place to make new year's resolutions for healthier eating and more exercise in an attempt to shed the pounds gained over the holidays.

Over the past few years, we grew tired of the never ending shedding of pounds, only to gain them back and we began to experience a noticeable decline in our health and energy levels.We decided it was time to make some changes. We added in more exercise and removed breads, heavy sauces, gravies, pastas and sweets. We began eating more vegetables, fruits and organic meat and we also started drinking water in greater amounts throughout the day. We made other changes too and as a result we shed the extra pounds and our health issues not only got better, but at forty-seven and fifty years old, my husband and I are enjoying a much greater quality of life and are in excellent cardiovascular health. For me, it's the healthiest I have ever been and I have energy that I didn't know was possible.

The Mind is the Battle Field


Thoughts about our health begin in the mind.  Our thoughts are so ingrained in us that it can be tough to change the way we relate to food until we replace the unhealthy thoughts with facts about nutrition and the damage processed foods and sweets can do to our bodies.

We only have one body to live in. That's it. Once this body is done living it is over forever.

The Bible calls us to be good stewards of all we have been given and that includes the bodies God created for us to live in.

Are you tired a lot? Do you lack energy?  Do your joints ache? Do you suffer from back pain, knee trouble, lack of motivation, or fuzzy thinking?


Many people are eating adequate amounts of food but are not getting adequate nutrition. If you want to feel well, you have to feed your body the nutrients it needs to function according to the way it was designed.

Would you fill your gas tank with cheap gas that can cause damage to your car?  We depend on our cars to get us where we need to go. We depend on our bodies for our very life, so the fuel you feed them really matters.


Eat to Live, not the other way around.  This is key!

Some health and fitness coach friends of mine, and I just finished up a Seven Day Lean Out challenge with about seventy participants.  In this challenge group we focused on detoxing our bodies and teaching people how to "eat to live".  Most of the challengers lost weight and reports of healthier skin, hair, nails and more energy are just some of the benefits this group experienced.  Some people lost three pounds in seven days and most lost between five and seven pounds. One of my challengers, Katy, lost 17.3 pounds in just seven days and loves the way she feels as a result. She is continuing on in a 30 day challenge group now.  Another challenger lost 36 pounds in a two week time frame. Several people lost 11-12 pounds in seven days.

Did we starve ourselves? NO. We ate as much as we needed to feel satisfied. We ate healthy and everyone exercised.  Most of the group has decided to carry on and set more health and fitness goals.

If you are ready to commit to changes in your health and you want support, meal plans, encouragement, accountability, free on-on-one coaching and to form new friendships, we are starting another group on December 16, 2013. The cost is $38.00. Hurry and jump on board the fitness train in time to get in this challenge by contacting me to reserve a spot.

This is a Christmas gift to yourself. It's a gift only you can give to YOU!

Here's to a healthy, energy filled holiday season!

Merry Christmas,



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