Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Books, Cooks, Kids and Craziness!


Yesterday morning, being Monday and all, I woke up ready for a brand new week and.....a pot of coffee.  I don't know what it is about coffee, but there is something satisfyingly delicious about a hot, fresh, steamy cup, first thing in the morning.


Natalie made blueberry muffins....healthy ones, even....the perfect companion to my early morning cup (as long as I don't do it too often).

I savored my coffee and muffin while I enjoyed my quiet time. I'm going through the Bible chronologically for the second year in a row and right now, having just completed Job, I'm really enjoying Genesis and the account of Joseph. One thing about Joseph I can really relate to, is how God took him through some really rough waters to humble him, toughen him up, give him discernment, and develop character and leadership in him, all in preparation for the mission He had in store for him. Joseph sure didn't understand why he was sold into slavery by his brothers or why even though he was an honest, hard worker and totally innocent, he was imprisioned, but God allowed those things in his life for a reason. It's comforting to know, that when I'm navigating the roughest waters in life, I can trust God in His sovereignty, that He wastes nothing. He has a purpose in everything.  During my quiet time, it's been really cool to reflect back over the years and see the beauty God has brought out of ashes in my life. Death to old ways of thinking and new, fresh, biblical views of life have sprouted and begun to grow in the new soil of my heart.

A Day Of Fun!

Yesterday my daughter Brandi, brought her five beautiful kiddos over and we spent the day together. We did school with the kids, which they LOVE and so do we.

DSC08012DSC08004 DSC08005 DSC08006 DSC08011 DSC08012 DSC08013 DSC08026

Since my kids are pretty independent, once they are all set up and going, I was able to let them sit at the table with their nieces and nephew and work on their seat work, while I got to play with my two littlest grandsons, Jackson and Cooper.

DSC08014             DSC08016           DSC08015

DSC08027     DSC08025 DSC08023 DSC08018 DSC08017 DSC08030

The older girls finished up their morning classes and Natalie helped get lunch cooking.

DSC08037 DSC08038 DSC08071 DSC08073 DSC08075 DSC08076

Our oldest grandson and our youngest son, are eight weeks apart and the best of buds.

You know you're a redneck when your grandson is older than your son....ha!


After lunch, the kids finished up their classes and then the boys were all having a great time looking at Levi's geography book. Levi and Kyran were pretty excited that they could locate our state on the map.

DSC08085 DSC08087 DSC08088 DSC08089

Our six year old granddaughter has beautiful handwriting.

DSC08046 DSC08047 DSC08048



Noah loves art, and he enjoyed some free art time while the rest of the kids completed their seat work.

DSC08050 DSC08061

Hanging out

DSC08070 DSC08069 DSC08067 DSC08064

Snuggling with Jackson


For as snuggly as he is, he is just as active. He declared war on his Auntie Christine after nap time.

DSC08040 DSC08041 DSC08043 DSC08045

Christine loves being an Aunt. She has a very special gift with babies and children.


Evidence of a day of school and play

DSC08090 DSC08092  DSC08093 DSC08094 DSC08095 DSC08096 DSC08097 DSC08098 DSC08099 DSC08100 DSC08101 DSC08102

Natalie needed her hair trimmed, so her big sister hauled out the scissors and did a great job. Brandi is multi talented.....love that girl. :)

DSC08112 DSC08113 DSC08114 DSC08115

More evidence of a day full of craziness....and diapers....on the floor....in the kitchen????

Um....wow. I have no idea why it was there, next to the garbage can.

DSC08103 DSC08104 DSC08105 DSC08106 DSC08107 DSC08109

Surprisingly, it didn't take long to clean it all up. We have a great cleaning crew......especially when there's a snack involved after the job is done.

We had a great and productive day and after Brandi and four of her kids left, it was our granddaughter, Alahna's turn to spend the night at Papa and Nama's house.  I love that our grandkids live close enough for us to be a part of their lives. It may not last forever. Who knows what God has in store for them, but for now, it's another blessing to count.


  1. Whoever took the pics of you and Jackson did a great job (lol). That was such a fun day!

  2. What a fun post full of pictures! You have a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing your busy day! :)

  3. Haha, Christine.....she is definitely an amazing photographer! :) It was a super fun day.....can't wait for the next time!

  4. Thank you, Jodi! It really was a fun day. Brandi and I have decided to carve out Mondays for our own little home school "co-op" each week. We figured out that between the two of us we have enough kids for one, lol.

  5. Jodi, somehow I am logged in as my daughter....weird...anyway, it is me, Jana, who replied to you! :)

  6. Beautiful pictures, my friend, you are so blessed. I can't believe Brandi has FIVE children now! I remember her from your xanga blog and when she was just starting out as a new bride. SO happy for her, and you. :)

  7. Thank you, Shanda! It is amazing how fast time goes by and kids grow up. Your kids amaze me when I see the pictures of them. They are all so BIG now! You have a beautiful family and I am so glad we are back in touch and blogging together again. (((hugs))) Just curious....why did you switch to wordpress? I can't even locate anything from my Xanga account. Eight years....of blogging...gone, except for the really special ones I happened to save to my computer a few years ago.