Saturday, January 11, 2014

Mother/Daughter Time Out

I love my girls.

I have always been thankful that God gave me four of a row.

There's just something about the mother/daughter relationship that is amazing. These girls grow up and they become women....who turn into friends....friends that I've known from conception. I felt their first movements. I dreamed of seeing their sweet faces on the day they made their debut into my arms. I couldn't wait to do mother/daughter things with them, like fixing hair and, teaching them to cook and bake and do their nails.

Okay, so, I'm not really into the whole "pretty" nail thing, but I loved dressing them up as babies with black patent leather shoes and I loved it when they had enough hair to put it in a pony tail with cute little ribbons and bows.

From the time they were tiny, I propped them up on the counter and gave them little jobs to do in the kitchen.

Now my girls are 28, 26, 14 and 13 years old. .

The days of black patent leather shoes and frilly dresses are long gone. No more bows and ribbons are strewn about the bathroom anymore. The dolls have all been replaced with real babies for the older girls and fun nieces and nephews for the younger two.

My girls still enjoy cooking and baking and we have some great times together creating delicious meals and baked items in the kitchen and the other day, I did the whole mother/daughter hair date thing with my thirteen year old. It's different from the days I put pony tails in her hair, but just as fun...maybe even more enjoyable.

She was struggling with some frizzies that no product could tame, so off we went for a visit with my dear friend and hair dresser, Carolyn.

Christine, holding her nephew a few days before our "hair date."


What a fun time we had, looking for ideas of hair cuts on-line together and Carolyn was a whiz at narrowing the choices down to just the right look for Chrissie.

And Christine....again...another "before" shot:


She took just a "little bit" of hair off of Christine's head.


We love Carolyn. She listens carefully, asks lots of questions and really "gets" the curly hair thing.

She did a great job!



Easy to take care of, and bye-bye to the frizzies!


DSC07908 DSC07906

DSC07905 DSC07903



So, things have changed as the girls have grown, but with each new phase of their lives, our relationship deepens.  There are days with attitudes, eye rolls and voice "tones" that are frustrating, but taking these opportunities to build relationships through positive experiences that are unique to mother and daughter, change the whole atmosphere and keep things balanced out.

We really had a fun time together that day and not only did it freshen up her hair but I think it brought a fresh enjoyment to our relationship too.


  1. Your Chrissy looks JUST LIKE YOU! Beautiful girl!

  2. Jodi, we are hearing that a lot since she got her hair cut. <3 I will say thank you because I am a little biased and think she is adorable....don't mind being told we resemble each other. Hopefully she doesn't either. <3