Monday, January 20, 2014

Sometimes I Wonder

On days like today, I scratch my head in wonder.


I wonder things like:

Why can't every day be so productive?


Why can't the kids cooperate like this all the time? Why don't I just do what I know I need to do instead of wasting time doing things that don't need to be done?

When I start my morning out right....everything really does seem to just fall in place.....even when they really don't. Even when the kids don't cooperate perfectly and interruptions pepper the day.

Somehow on those days, I seem to have more peace and more patience.

Is this all in my imagination?  I don't think so. It's happened too many times over the past twenty-eight years since I became a mom.

It's not in the imagination....but it really is all in the mind. When you get your mind right....your heart lines up with it.

I get my mind right through prayer and digging into God's Word.

It's kind of like skipping a meal. When I skip a meal, my blood sugar drops and I feel shaky and crabby and frustrated, but if I take the time to prepare a nutritious meal, my whole body feels energized and ready to go.

This morning I was actually up on time and I met with God first thing. More often than not lately, I have met with Him in the evening after the kids are in bed.

I need to meet with God in prayer in the morning, preferably before I do anything else (although life forces flexibility at times) to read at least a small portion of scripture before I step into my day and at some point I need to take more time to study, dig into and meditate on the scriptures. I have found the time for actual studying can vary according to each day.

Any time of the day is good and as a busy wife and mom, I have learned not to get legalistic about when, but to ask God to open up the perfect time when I can focus and think and meditate. Sometimes I do that best after the work of the day is done and the kids are in bed. Sometimes morning is the best time and there are times after school is completed and the kids are playing, that I can curl up with a cup of tea and my Bible.

Flexibility is key.

I just need to meet with God and sometimes I get to meet with him more than once in a day.

Those are the best days.

Anyway, today was a good day. I had coffee with my husband first thing. The house was quiet and I had time to sit, pray, read my Bible, take notes, explore the scriptures with my favorite commentary and enjoy my coffee. I felt "fueled up" and ready to go.

When I at least ask Him to order my day and then trust Him to guide me, the days really do seem to go along at a good clip.

Sometimes I just forget to ask. Actually I often forget to ask.

Today....I remembered.

As a result, I was more in tune with God's leading. Sometimes I put what I want to do as a priority over what really needs to get done, but when I ask God for wisdom. When I ask Him to order my day.....there is a conviction to attention to the time and seize the moment. By seizing the moment, I mean, to be a good steward of the time. Each moment counts. It's like a budget for time. How I spend my time will result in chaos and frustration or order and peace.....and productivity.

Today the house is clean, the laundry is mostly caught up, I managed to catch up on correcting papers, I gave the boys some math and language tests, got the grade books caught up, (we were a little bit behind after the holidays), took a walk with my seven year old in the bright sunshine, got a little jog in, helped the kids get all their chores done, oversaw piano practicing, did my nails, and I even enjoyed a relaxing cup of tea this afternoon while correcting papers. I managed to use up all the leftovers in the fridge to make nutritious, delicious meals today, I got my grocery list made, refrigerator cleaned out, all the bedding for the boys room clean, some good talk time in with each child and a good cardio/strength training workout in with my husband. I do a lot of that every day, but today it just went more smoothly.



Something else really cool happened today. On many days it's a struggle to get the boys to focus on completing their school work, but today they all three stayed focused and finished up all of their classes and book work before noon. That's so doable, but on Friday my seven year old had such an attitude that he literally didn't finish everything until after 5:00 p.m. Today I stayed in the same room with him as he was doing school and graded papers. Somehow just my presence there seemed to help (I may be onto something here). Today was a new day for him in everything. It showed in his attitude and everything. He cleaned his room perfectly, by himself, folded and put away laundry without being asked, zoomed through his school work and did very well at it, and did a great job focusing on his phonics test.

The other cool thing that happened to day was when my twelve year old son finished school, he decided he wanted to clean the house on a deeper level. He washed the windows, cleaned the outside of the appliances, vacuumed and swept the floors.

So I'm thinking "whoa....did I just enter the Twilight Zone?"

I don't know why he decided to do it, but I didn't ask.....I just did a lot of encouraging and exclaiming over what a great job he did.

He was teaching his younger brother how to clean appliances properly when I walked in the kitchen.

DSC07950 DSC07949

Because they were done with school on time, all three of my boys headed out doors to play and left me in a quiet, clean, orderly house.

The girls were still completing classes back in their bedroom (their classes are a little more challenging since they are in high school this year), so, after spending my time budget wisely today, not only did I get a lot accomplished, but I still got time do what I wanted to do.....only it was MUCH more rewarding because I could relax and enjoy it knowing my priorities were straight.

I wonder about a lot of things on a day like today. Mostly I wonder if I will remember how well today went when tomorrow dawns. I wonder if I will remember to ask God to order my day again.

I wonder why I am so forgetful.. I wonder why the Israelites were so forgetful too. I guess it's a "human" thing....that constant struggle with our flesh. It's amazing how powerful the pull to give into it really is. All I know for sure....that I never have to wonder about, is that God loves me just like I am. He is gracious with me and He always gives wisdom when I ask.

I really need wisdom and accountability. I have asked Him to help my memory so I remember to ask for wisdom and divine order for my day.....every day .

It's tea time with my handsome man now.

Blessings to you,



  1. Love this post! So much truth here. I love days where I truly feel the Lord's hand in all that occurs in my home. I remember reading your blog years ago when you shared your parenting thoughts when you had several littles. It is so wonderful to see that your diligence paid off. A 12 year old boy voluntarily deep cleaning the kitchen? WOW! :)

  2. Thank you, Jodi. :) You are very encouraging. He doesn't do this all the time, and that's why yesterday was so cool, but I am seeing some maturity beginning to develop and that is super exciting! This kind of thing is starting to happen more often. I'll definitely take it, whenever it happens, gratefully. <3