Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sweet, Sweet Success!


It's Wednesday....already. Unbelievable!

I love Wednesdays because for the most part, they are an "at home" day.

This morning I woke up feeling really grateful for my husband, because he has chosen to be the bread winner in our family. He heads out the door, early, Monday through Friday, every week to work. He works hard for our family. He takes his job seriously and puts his heart and soul into it. He also puts his heart and soul into our family and our home and usually has tasks on his "to do" list even after he has been away at work each day. I love that because of his commitment to take care of us in this way, I am freed up to take care of our family on the home front. I am passionate about my role in our family too, as his wife, the mother of our children, grandma of our grandchildren, educator of our kids and owner of my little fitness and nutrition business, which includes independent fitness coaching.

I love to encourage people, pass on the great recipes our family enjoys, share fitness and nutrition tips, and educate our family on all of these things as well. I love that I get to educate our kids from home. I love that I get to be creative with writing, cooking, decorating our home, photography, music etc. I am so thankful that God has given me the opportunities to put feet to my passions because I get to be the keeper of our home.

Yesterday my older daughter, Brandi, and I went grocery shopping together while our son was at piano lessons. Our teen-age daughter, Christine, held down the fort with her nieces and nephews over at Brandi's house and our other teen-age daughter, Natalie, did the same thing at our house with her younger brothers. Brandi and I enjoyed some fun and good conversations, while we ran errands and bought groceries for our families. I love that we could be productive and enjoy time together.

Today our refrigerator, freezer and cupboards are full of good, healthy food and it's my day to be busy cutting up all the delicious veggies and fruit I brought home yesterday.

This morning for breakfast, I had all the produce available to make a smoothie for everyone for breakfast, so we enjoyed a mixed greens and berry smoothie. It was delicious. I'll share the recipe with you.

Breakfast Smoothie:

In a blender add the following:

Two bananas, one peeled orange, two tablespoons of natural peanut butter or almond butter, two cups of almond milk, one cup plain Greek yogurt, mixed frozen berries and mixed greens to the top.

Blend well, and then add Stevia drops to taste and blend them in.

This recipe fed six of us and we all had energy to make it until lunch. The kids were all smacking their lips, exclaiming over how delicious it was. This warms my heart because feeding the family good nutrition can be a challenge. It can be tough to find things that tickle everyone's taste when they react like that, I know I hit the mark. The coolest part is that it happened again at lunch today and it is happening more and more often since we changed our dietary life style. I have been trying all kinds of new things out on the family over the past three years and some of them are big hits while others.....not so much, so when it's a hit, I feel a big victory and reward for all of my efforts.

For lunch today I made organic sweet potato fries, a stir fry loaded with all kinds of veggies, all fried in coconut oil. It included onion, plenty of fresh garlic, minced, red, yellow and orange bell peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, green cabbage, chicken breast cut up, mixed greens, Himalayan salt, fresh ground pepper, and organic seasoning. I also cooked a pound of nitrate free, all natural bacon and then set it aside to cool, while I sautéed brussel sprouts in the bacon grease. After they were warm, I transferred them to a baking dish, seasoned them with Himalayan salt and pepper, then baked them at 400 degrees for 40 minutes.  When they came out of the oven, I sprinkled the bacon bits on top and added a little bit of fresh grated parmesan cheese.

Today's Lunch:


I love getting creative in the kitchen and I'm so thankful I have time for creativity. I enjoy feeding my family good, nutritious meals and they really thrive on variety. It's a big job, trying to give them healthy foods that are vastly different from the diet they were accustomed to, but by trial and error and a lot of experimenting (which they have been very patient with), over the years, our taste buds have changed to accommodate the "good" stuff.

As we were sitting around the table eating lunch together today, they were complimenting the meal left and right and asking for seconds and thirds. This is exciting, because this is the kind of food I don't mind them eating as much as they want of. It's so good for them! We were talking about how much we are enjoying these meals and how different they are than the way we used to eat and they all said they love eating this It took some time, but we have made progress.

For all the moms out there who are trying to implement changes into your family's diet, I hope this encourages you. It really can be done.  You just have to start somewhere. If you have any questions or need some fresh ideas, please ask away.

Have a blessed and healthy day,



  1. How long did it take you to switch your eating habits, Jana? :) I'm always discouraged and a little bit overwhelmed by just how much it takes to transform your entire pantry! The junk in food production seems to really make the search harder. Any thoughts on food Co-op prices, too? I want organic but not at the cost of spending a fortune:)

  2. Michaela,
    I totally understand your frustration and dilemma. Thanks for sharing and asking. First of all, I would encourage that you take baby steps. The first thing I did was to locate some recipes I wanted to try. I then made a menu and grocery shopping list. After that, before I went shopping, I went through my cupboards and pantry and threw out what I could get away with, without causing too much shock to my husband. Many things, I chose to keep and use up, so I wasn't being wasteful. Each week I tried at least two new recipes on the family and started to create a new recipe book with the ones that were a hit with the family. They began to enjoy the variety. After a few weeks of that, I added in a third new meal per week and continued to add in new, healthy stuff, while slowly getting rid of the unhealthy foods. Once in a while we have something that is an old favorite, but I have slowly learned how to convert a lot of those recipes into healthier ones, and still keep the same yummy flavors. I don't buy all organic. I purchase as much as I can afford and buying my produce at Costco helps a lot. They have quite a bit of organic produce and even some organic meats like ground beef, all natural, nitrate free breakfast sausage and Italian sausage. They also sell the Kirkland brand natural peanut butter that doesn't have sugar or anything yucky in it. I hope this helps a little bit and we can talk more when we have coffee. I'm so looking forward to that. If you have any other questions you would like to ask right away, ask away! (((hugs)))

  3. Your lunch food looks delicious and sounds wonderfully healthful! I'm going to try the smoothie and maybe the flourless pancakes. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Thank you, Myrna! I just made the flourless pancakes....and they turned out great! I'll post some pictures later. :) I hope you enjoy the smoothie as much as we did. :)