Monday, February 10, 2014

Beating the Monday Sicky Blues


So it is Monday.  I actually like Mondays, normally....but this particular Monday, not so much.

It seems our family has caught a nasty bug.  As a fitness and nutrition coach who is a stickler about clean eating, limited sugar, no pop, candy etc. I would like to believe that we would NEVER get sick. But, here we are.....sore throats, yucky noses, exhaustion and chills. Crabbiness abounds in the Taft house today and we're not liking it.

I pulled out all the "BIG GUNS" and forced them down the throats of the family. No....not real "GUNS" lest someone who is sensitive to the idea of guns should be offended by the analogy, but rather, the natural concoctions designed to kill any evil invaders of the Taft family immune systems.


I made our famous "flu shot" juice: six carrots, one peeled orange, half peeled lemon, four garlic cloves, one tsp. 90,000 heat units cayenne pepper and one teaspoon buffered Vitamin C with bioflavonoids.

I also gave everyone extra rounds of buffered Vitamin C along with a smoothie for lunch which was packed with greens, blueberries, mixed berries, plain organic Greek Yogurt, sweetened with Stevia. We have been dumping Kombucha green tea down our throats all day, drinking loads of freshly squeezed lemon in water, and I even made a natural concoction Brandi gave me a recipe for: 1 tbsp. Himalayan salt, the juice of one fresh lemon, four drops of Stevia and about 8 oz. water. I took a nap because I feel THAT bad.  Shakeology was on the menu for dinner. It's packed with over 70 all natural ingredients, loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, probiotics and prebiotics, herbs etc. Breakfast was mixed greens, carrots, broccoli, cabbage and all natural sausage free from preservatives, cooked in coconut oil and organic eggs.

Today's breakfast:


I'm praying that after loading down our bodies with all these "bug killers," we will be on the mend tomorrow.

I really HATE sickness. In fact I just had a bunch of tests done to determine whether or not my immune system is suppressed. It sure seems like it is. If I hadn't been eating clean, exercising and taking excellent care of myself, I think I would be really, really sick. Its seems there is always something nipping at my heels, but I'm usually not flattened by bugs like I used to be, so that's good. As a result of a visit to my naturopath recently, I learned that 80-85% of the immune system resides in the gut. We are currently trying to discover what is going on with mine and my thyroid. Stay tuned for updates. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of the problems. One thing she did tell me is that my adrenals are on adrenal support I go!


The best part about today is that I started a new Bible Study and I'm very excited about it. I had extra time to read, pray and absorb the Word and that makes feeling yucky worth it. I don't normally sit around quite so much and I count this a blessing. I'm looking forward to meeting with the ladies in my Bible study group. Our last study ended before Christmas and I'm really ready to reconnect as a group, in the Word. There is nothing like it!

Bible Study

I have done other Jerry Bridges studies and they are excellent. I'm already enjoying and identifying with what I've read today. Good stuff and when you add a cup of coffee in your hand while you study.....perfect!


I sincerely hope our home is the only one affected by sickness on this (rainy, wet) Winter in February Monday, but I'm willing to bet we're not. If you're fighting off a bug....seriously try some of these natural ideas I listed.  If you don't have cayenne pepper or buffered vitamin C, but you have all the other ingredients for the juice and a juicer to make it in, I highly recommend it. It'll still pack a powerful punch against bugs without those additions. These remedies really do help. Also honey and cinnamon mixed together is great for a sore throat.

I'm off to take some more Vitamin C. Have a blessed evening!

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