Monday, February 24, 2014

How Exercise Can Strengthen Your Marriage

My husband is my best friend.

I was thinking about how much I enjoy his company and all the reasons why.

He makes me laugh. He laughs at my jokes. He challenges me to grow. He is humble and he values my opinion and appreciates my input on many things....some really important and some things that are seemingly insignificant. He is strong. He's a great leader and he's also good at following. He's a fantastic father. He is a hard worker, He has integrity, He is very responsible, supportive, kind, compassionate, caring, self controlled, good with finances (one of us has to be and he's definitely the "go to guy" in this department), He's an incredible teacher, has a scholarly mind....loves to learn and is always studying and learning new things. He loves God deeply and has a hunger to really know and understand His Word. Consequently he studies it constantly and I learn a lot from him. We love to sit side by side, reading, studying and exploring what we read together. He cares about what I care about and we enjoy many of the same activities.

One of our passions as a couple is fitness and nutrition.  We workout together several times a week and it's really fun. We challenge each other, keep each other accountable and we celebrate our victories together. When one of us doesn't "feel like it," the other one motivates. We both love to help other people in this capacity as well. We enjoy seeing others reach their fitness and nutrition goals and to help them get motivated.

The other night our son grabbed the camera while we were doing P90X3 together and snapped a few pictures.

We don't have perfect bodies. We aren't in our twenties anymore. We don't do it all perfectly, but we are excited at the progress we have made in the past three years. Cardiovascularly speaking, he is in the best shape he has been in for years, and I'm in the best shape I've ever been in. For the first time in my life I have endurance. I can run and enjoy it. I can do push ups, burpees, and many other things I couldn't do even when I was younger. We started out slowly. We have been consistent and my mind has been open to trying new things instead of getting frustrated and giving up like I did in the past. Rich's constant support, encouragement, accountability and belief in me have been an amazing gift.

For whatever it's worth, here are a few pictures of a couple of "Old Fogies" doing P90X3 together.

Getting ready to start



DSC08419 DSC08420

Regular push ups from plank

DSC08422 DSC08423

My favorite....weights...



Push ups with one leg in the air. I have to go with the improvisation on these due to a weak shoulder, but Rich demonstrates the full meal deal. It's effective either way and great for your core.


DSC08431 DSC08433

Setting up for chin ups. I use the bands and he uses the chin up bar.

DSC08436 DSC08437 DSC08438


More of my favorites. Love me some good strength training with weights.



DSC08445 DSC08463 DSC08462

Rich doing staggered push ups and plyo push ups

DSC08468 DSC08484

Working various upper body muscles with weights


DSC08473 DSC08475


DSC08480 DSC08501

DSC08513 DSC08514

Working upper body and lower body with weights


DSC08527 DSC08528 DSC08529 DSC08530 DSC08533

Setting up for pull ups


Working the triceps going to table top with one leg in the air


Another successful my workout partner!


Working out together has strengthened our relationship. It brings another aspect to our marriage that is exciting, fun and binds us together even more strongly as a couple. We have a great time picking out each new workout program when we're ready for one. We enjoy getting strong and healthy at home, but we also love hiking, swimming, and other outdoor activities as a family because one of the perks of daily workouts is that we are able to keep up with our very active kids and grandkids.

Exercise really can help strengthen a marriage if you can find something you can enjoy doing together.  Don' take my word for it though, give it a try for yourself! After our workouts we often replenish our muscles with our favorite meal of the day.

DSC08001 DSC08002 DSC08003

Check out for some great workout programs and nutritional products. If you aren't married, grab an accountability partner for motivation and camaraderie. If you are married, but your spouse isn't on board, give yourself the gift of good health anyway. Maybe your spouse will see the results and energy you display as you get healthier, and decide to join you. Either way, you won't regret doing something good for your health.



  1. Well, THAT was a very motivating post! I love working out with my husband too, although it is mainly limited to walking. He walks faster than most people jog, so it is quite a workout!
    You guys look great!! :)

  2. Thank you, Jodi! :) It sounds like you two have a good thing going....and especially if he gives you a jog to keep up with, lol. I can't wait to spring when we can get outside with our dogs and go for walks/jogs again. Right now the weather isn't cooperating with much in the way of outside activities.