Friday, February 21, 2014

Lap Booking and the Paparazzi

Last week my daughter Brandi, and her kiddos came over and we spent the day together. We packed several fun, learning activities into the day and had a great time together.

Natalie and our two year old grandson Jack, made a couple of gluten free pumpkin loaves and I'd say there was a fair amount of goofing off and fun involved in the process.

DSC08217 DSC08218 DSC08222 DSC08224 DSC08229 DSC08230 DSC08231 DSC08232 DSC08233

I popped into the kitchen to join the fun and play with my little "Jack Jack".

DSC08239 DSC08238 DSC08237 DSC08236

I just Love this little guy. He is loaded with personality and keeps us all smiling and laughing.

DSC08228 DSC08227 DSC08225

Jack and his baby brother (our youngest grandson), Cooper are not lacking in love and attention.

Their Aunty Christine, Mommy and cousin, Cora are just SOME of the folks that couldn't resist holding them and kissing their chubby little cheeks.

DSC08219 DSC08235 DSC08216 DSC08215

Noah and Levi had a great time playing outside with their nephew, Kyran.

DSC08243 DSC08244 DSC08245 DSC08249 DSC08251 DSC08252 DSC08250 DSC08253 DSC08256

Our Golden Retrievers thought the boys were outside to play with them and they had a great time enjoying the sun and the fun with all the boys.

DSC08259 DSC08260

Our cat, Stormie just wanted to sit in the sun and look pretty.


One of two amazing pumpkin loaves that we enjoyed as an afternoon snack


Hot and yummy gluten free chicken noodle soup made a perfect lunch on a chilly winter day.


Three of the best kitchen helpers ever! Our granddaughter Alahna just turned six and her little sister, Hailee was born at our house four and a half years ago already! In fact both of these girls were born in our home. Alahna at our old house and Hailee at this one. It seems like we welcomed them into our family just the other day.  Where did the time go?


After lunch we cleaned the kitchen and dining room and then we experimented with making lap books for the very first time.  We kept it very simple and had everyone do a lap book on family.

DSC08298 DSC08297 DSC08296 DSC08289 DSC08294 DSC08295 DSC08299 DSC08300

Rich was home for lunch and got to enjoy a little bit of the process before he went back to work.

DSC08310 DSC08311 DSC08312 DSC08313 DSC08314 DSC08316

DSC08292 DSC08293

Alahna is very artistic and creative. She was really excited about her lap book and couldn't wait to show me what she was creating.

DSC08316 DSC08315

DSC08340 DSC08341 DSC08342 DSC08343 DSC08344 DSC08345 DSC08346 DSC08347

Noah's loves art too and thrived on this project!

DSC08323 DSC08324 DSC08325 DSC08326 DSC08327 DSC08328 DSC08329

Levi had a great time creating his lap book too. All of the kids thought it was a lot of fun.

DSC08330 DSC08331 DSC08333 DSC08334 DSC08335

One of the pictures the kids used in their lap books. This is of all of our five kids still at home and all of Brandi and Kevin's kids together at Christmas.


Kyran did a great job. He was so proud of his lap book! I love how he spelled awesome phonetically.

DSC08336 DSC08337 DSC08338 DSC08339

Poor Tim wasn't feeling well that day, so he just sort of hung out and watched all the activity.


Christine enjoyed this project too, and it was fun to see what each age came up with for their books.


Lunch time for Cooper!

DSC08322 DSC08320 DSC08319

What are little boys made of?  A lot of dirt.....Ha! Someone had a great time playing outside after school.

DSC08357 DSC08356-001 DSC08356 DSC08355

With the lap book project complete and the mess cleaned up, the kids all went out to enjoy the trampoline for a while.

DSC08363 DSC08364 DSC08362 DSC08361


Jackson is still a little too small to be on there with the bigger kids. Poor little guy.



DSC08373 DSC08374


Aunty Christine and a few more pictures of Jackson in motion.

DSC08379 DSC08307 DSC08306 DSC08304 DSC08303 DSC08301

What a fun and productive day we had together. Brandi and I have been "geeking out" and brainstorming about all the different things we can do together with our kids for school. We made a schedule and are excited to get going on it together next week.  She is planning to teach the kids Spanish while I watch her little guys and then she will watch them while I teach all the kids music. Together we plan to teach them sign language and this will all happen on Tuesday mornings at our house.  On Thursdays we plan to meet at her house and we will have all the kids do their A Beka seat work/classes while we oversee them and do some planning. In the afternoon on that day we plan to do some sort of activity which will probably change regularly. We came up with these ideas so far: a walk to the park where she will teach them soccer skills while I watch the little ones and play with them, roller skating, bowling, Lap Books, art, field trips to the fire station, beach, farms etc.

It's funny how your kids grow up and motivate YOU to be a better mom. My daughter amazes me with her organization skills, love for teaching, fresh and new ideas, and we work together so well.

Stay tuned for more home school, paparazzi posts!


  1. I love all of these pictures! Great post! I'm really looking forward to doing the co-op too. I love to help with sign language while learning it at the same time.:-)

  2. Thanks, Christine. :) I'm glad you are excited and it will be fun to have your help with sign language! Love you much! xxxooo