Thursday, February 27, 2014

Road Trip and Prayers

Yesterday morning I hugged my family and headed out the door to Bible Study, which is always really uplifting and encouraging. We dig deep and have great fellowship while we're at it. I feel so blessed after years of missing a consistent, weekly women's Bible study, to have the opportunity to meet with other women every week and feast on the bounty of God's Word together.

Yesterday was a packed day and a good one. I took a little road trip after Bible study, down to Children's Hospital. I am so glad I did! I spent the afternoon with my friend, Tracy, and her little China Doll, Kya. You can read about Kya's journey into her new family home here: and you can read updates on Kya's journey to health by clicking on the tab at the top of this blog: Prayers for Kya.

When I walked in the room, Kya was nestled comfortably in her Mama's arms and there were some cardiology folks chatting with them about Kya's condition. Kya gets upset when the medical personnel enter the room, so I was really blessed when she didn't get upset when I entered. I didn't really know what to expect, but I guess since she has met me twice and I didn't poke her or prod her or knock her out with drugs, she decided I am okay.

This is the scene I witnessed as I entered the room. Isn't it sweet?  Kya's tummy looks so much better than it did just a few days ago when we visited them. It really is shocking how much smaller it is.

DSC08642 DSC08644 DSC08645

I got to hold Kya for Tracy so she could take a little break and it was exciting to me that she didn't fight me. She isn't very keen (no pun intended, Tracy) on letting strangers touch her, let alone hold her, but again, I suppose it's because we interacted with her in the comfort of her own home, that she decided maybe this strange, curly haired lady who laughs really loud....might be okay.

DSC08646  DSC08647

When it was time for the evil nurse to do a little more poking and prodding, Tracy and I took the opportunity to head to the grocery store and buy some items for lunch. It was a beautiful, warm, day and it actually felt a little bit like spring might be around the corner. We headed back to the hospital where we were able to cook the food we bought and enjoy it at a little table in the parent's area. Tracy showed me these delicious, organic, gluten free burritos in the frozen section at Safeway. I had no idea they even made frozen burritos I could have. They were really good! We each enjoyed a burrito, an apple and some iced coffee, before heading back to the room.

Not long after we returned, the cardiologist arrived on the scene and I got to listen in as he explained the next step for Kya's recovery. I will post an update on the Prayer's For Kya page so you can read for yourself, what Kya and her family are facing in the coming months. Please continue to pray for this sweet little girl and her loving family. Pray for the medical team that is caring for her. Pray for Kya as it is difficult for her, emotionally, to go through so much in such a short time and at such a young age. Pray for strength for Tracy, who stays with her for weeks at a time, getting very little rest on a very small and extra firm pull out couch in the room. Pray for Carlton and the boys as they hold down the fort at home and for all the people who have generously loved on the boys, providing home school help for them, baby sitting, meals etc. and pray for the family as Carlton heads out on a work related trip in the very near future. God is answering prayers for this family and it is exciting to see His hand at work in their lives! Thanks so much, on behalf of this family, for all of your prayers and please keep them up!

I arrived home after a slow two hours in rush hour traffic last night, and I was exhausted. I came home to my family, a meal, and time to rest, relax and refresh in my own bed. I thought about the many sacrifices our friends are making to help their baby girl get well and how scared she is at times. It hit me just how good we have it when things are going well. Life is full of tough stuff and we all face those hard times, but what a blessing we can pray for each other, support and encourage one another and know that the God who created us all, will give us the grace and courage to face whatever is in store for us.

We are truly blessed.