Thursday, February 6, 2014

Stressed Out Mom Syndrome Part II

DSC08124 part one of this post, I shared some of the frustrations my daughter and I deal with as moms of varying age groups, who home school our kids. We came up with some ideas after trouble shooting and I took some time with a cup of coffee and my Bible to ask God for a specific plan for my home. She did the same thing.

I also shared that one of the new ideas I decided to implement at our house, is a laundry schedule. We began implementing that schedule immediately and so good! I LIKE it...a LOT!

The boys actually enjoy doing their laundry. Of course, pushing buttons on the cool machines is a big motivating factor. (Wink). They did a great job and even washed their bedding. Every stitch of clothing and the bedding was washed, dried, folded and put away on the same day.

Boys Laundry

DSC08210 DSC08209

We then turned our attention to their bedroom. I seriously needed a Hasmat suit for this one. Ugghhh.....

They have an awesome chest in their room that is perfect storage for their school and art supplies, and I had it perfectly organized for them. However, they didn't respect that organization and made a mess out of it. So....guess what?  It is now their turn to organize it. They pulled every thing out, threw away garbage, got rid of unnecessary items, vacuumed it out and re-loaded it neat and tidy. I don't have "after" pictures yet, but you can see the mess they had to deal with once they pulled everything out of the chest.

DSC08214 DSC08213 DSC08212 DSC08211

We have re-organized the breakfast schedule this week too and the post meal clean up routine. Everyone is involved and it's amazing how much faster meal times go.

DSC08208 DSC08207 DSC08205

On a side note, did you know there are purposes for dog kennels other than housing dogs?

Yeah.....I didn't either, but apparently my grandson knows it.

DSC08058 DSC08057 DSC08055 DSC08054

The other thing I mentioned in the first addition to this post, is a home school co-op of sorts, with my daughter. We started that this week. I went to her house on Tuesday and it went very well, although she wasn't feeling well. :(

Tim practiced his piano while we got the rest of the kids set up and ready for the day.


Brandi is an amazing organizer with innovative, inexpensive ideas. Check these out!

she has combined the boys' bedroom with a school/play room right off their family room. Genious!

DSC08126 DSC08127 DSC08128-001 DSC08129-001


On her dining room walls, she has arranged this grouping of picture frames with her organization lists. These are so cool..... they are very appealing to the eye and super practical. The best part is that she can write on the glass and erase easily.

DSC08133 DSC08134-001 DSC08136

Brandi and Kevin are really into missions and have a child they support from another country. She has framed this map on the dining room wall, with a picture of their little boy and scriptures about missions.

DSC08141 DSC08142 DSC08143 DSC08144 DSC08145

Home school in motion:

DSC08131 DSC08132 DSC08138 DSC08139

DSC08146 DSC08147 DSC08148 DSC08149 DSC08150

DSC08151 DSC08153

DSC08154 DSC08155 DSC08156

Jackson in motion!

DSC08157 DSC08158 DSC08159 DSC08160

Noah needed to read out loud and Jackson needed to be entertained.

We found the perfect solution:

DSC08161 DSC08163 DSC08164 DSC08165

Our seven year old grandson, Kyran, is so proud of his newfound writing and reading skills. He is amazing!

DSC08167 DSC08168

Finishing up school and taking a break:

DSC08171 DSC08174 DSC08175 DSC08176

Jackson has some serious "style."  Check out his shorts. Apparently two legs are not needed in a pair of shorts. One will suffice, just fine!


Cooper and Momma cuddles

DSC08177 DSC08178

Alahna loves her Uncle Tim and wanted to sit in his lap, even though he told her she is getting too big. They have such a neat relationship.

DSC08179 DSC08180

Love my grandblessings!

DSC08181 DSC08183

Hailee and Cooper

DSC08185 DSC08187

DSC08188 DSC08189

Alahna and Cooper:

DSC08191 DSC08192

A bunch of goof offs!

DSC08193 DSC08194 DSC08195 DSC08197

They built a marble tower, played with Legos, played football and had Nerf gun wars out in the back yard.  It was a beautiful sunny day and I would have to say our little home school co-op was a success!

It has been a good week and so refreshing to switch things up a little.  The kids love the changes, the mommas love the changes and our houses love the changes....because they're clean...and organized again.

I'd say it's a win/win!

If you are in need of some changes, take some time to dig into your Bible and pray about it. "Casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you." I Peter 5:7.  He is faithful to give guidance and wisdom when we ask. Also, trouble shooting with a fellow home school mom can be very helpful. We need each other and every single mom struggles at times, so don't be intimidated by other moms who appear to have it all together. I can guarantee they don' least not all the time. We all have our good days and our bad days. That's a fact.

On that note....I am pulling on my taxi driving hat and running kids to piano lessons.

I wish you a fabulous day full of blessings today.


  1. Thanks for letting us have a peak into your day! I have always been inspired by your seemingly natural organization skills. Looks like Brandi has them, too! I LOVE her framed lists! That also offers a sense of accountability because anyone who enters the home can see them!

  2. Jodi, it's nice to know someone has been inspired by my "seemingly natural" organization skills, lol. Seemingly natural being the operative words. I sure didn't come by it naturally. It has been a struggle and I'm grateful for all the other moms I know that have given me tips and ideas over the years. Pinterest is a major blessing. Why didn't they have that for the past 28 years.....from the beginning of this parenting journey, LOL? Yes....the frames are awesome and the best part is she can write on them and easily erase. They look great too. Thanks for stopping in. I always enjoy chatting and blogging with you. I need to check out your latest post! (((Hugs)))