Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Sacrifice of Adoption

Kya Collage

About a week ago I met up with my sweet friend, Tracy and her children for coffee.It was an extra special coffee date because it was the first time I got to meet her daughter. We have been praying for them for about a year and a half as they have been planning and preparing for their little girl and she is finally here......all the way from China! Adopting Kya was a very long and difficult process for our friends. They ran into road block after road block after frustrating and challenging road block in the adoption process. They made many sacrifices to get Kya that were not easy for them. They have made financial and physical sacrifices. They have sacrificed space in their home. They have sacrificed sleep. Tracy sacrificed hours and hours of time over a two year time frame, to fill out paper work, get finger printed, followed by trips to the post office, only to come up against delays they had no control over that required them to pay some fees twice and re-submit the paper work. The family sacrificed Christmas with their wife/mother so she could fly to China and pick Kya up. Tracy sacrificed Christmas at home with her family and the enjoyment of their annual celebrations. She made the long, arduous trip to China instead, all by herself, to get their little girl. The road ahead of them is challenging too. Kya  has a serious heart condition and after she arrived they discovered some other significant health issues. Kya had just been released from the hospital and had a terrible virus when Tracy arrived to pick her up. She is a teeny, tiny little two year old and a fighter.Please join with me in praying for Kya as they prepare for major surgeries and as she and her new family adjust to life together.

When I think about this adoption, the parallels to my own adoption are great. Did you know I was adopted?  Well, I was....not only that, but I was adopted by a King....and not just "A" king, but the King of Kings.

I was a mess when He found me. He loved me anyway. He wanted me anyway and He was willing to save me even though in the beginning I didn't see my need for salvation. Initially, I was running away from Him. In my heart was shame and despair. I didn't want anyone to know how "bad" I was, especially Him! He was perfect. He was Royalty. How could He love me? If He really knew me, He would regret making me a part of His family. I knew I could never be like Him. I could never be good enough to bear His name and I knew that I would mess up over and over again.....and bring shame to His family.......His kingdom. Why would He even want me around Him, let alone to be His daughter? But He did. He gently and kindly loved me anyway.....right where I was at. In spite of my obvious brokeness, He loved me. He wanted me and He showed me clearly, how much I truly needed Him. He didn't wait for me to calm down and get straightened out, He took me in and loved me in all my ugliness.....unconditionally, and because of that love, He has allowed me to go through some very painful experiences because He knows that although I fight it, it is good for me.

Kya fights everyone who is trying to help her. She doesn't want to be messed with. All of the things the medical community and her parents try to do to help her get stronger.....she battles and rejects, but they keep on reaching out and doing the very things she thinks she hates. I still fight the things my Father does in my life to strengthen me and help me grow. I can't always see the great love and compassion in His eyes when He is requiring me to buck up and do the hard stuff. When He allows me to suffer pain, I don't get excited about it. I fight it. I don't want to embrace it or let it do what He intends it to do for me. In order for Kya to have any chance at getting healthy, she has to learn to do certain things she doesn't want to do. She needs physical therapy to strengthen her legs. She needs to learn how to crawl. She will have to have surgeries that will be painful and she will have to deal with a lot of people she doesn't know throughout the process, who will make her do things she doesn't like.

Kya and I have something else in common. I was born with a heart condition. I had to have open heart surgery when I was six years old. Just like Kya, without the surgery I would have died. Kya's parents knew her condition was very serious and yet they still wanted her. They knew they could lose her due to her health issues, yet they still jumped through difficult hoops in order to get her. She fights them tooth and nail while they try to help her and they still love her. They keep working with her. They keep gently challenging her. They keep showing her love and compassion and mercy. Open heart surgery is not fun. I remember the pain and the fear and the slow recovery process. I also remember some nurses getting pretty tough with me when I wouldn't cough afterwards....because they knew it was imperative for me to avoid pneumonia. Sometimes love looks has to, because we fight against the very things we need for our own survival.

God knew my heart needed surgery.....even after I recovered from my physical surgery. He has continually cut away the dead parts and helped me heal....and then cut away more scar tissue, and loved me through each, painful, necessary trial.

Inside the chests of most human beings, there beats a heart that desires unconditional love. the depths of our souls, we find it hard to believe that anyone could love us at our worst. We struggle to hide the parts that we think others would reject us for, if they knew of their existence. Just like the sacrificial love of adoptive parents, who will go after orphans and make countless sacrifices on their behalf....just so they can love them and give them a home and a family, God goes after us. Even in all of our ugly humanity, He loves us and desires to save us from our sin.....from ourselves. We are all orphans. We are all in need of adoption. We are all guilty of sin and we all deserve to pay the ultimate penalty for our sin, but God goes after orphans. His own son, Jesus, willingly paid the ultimate sacrifice of a horrible death on a cross, so we could be set free from the guilt of our sin and be adopted into His forever family. He loves us each so much that He completely paid for the crimes we committed. Our debt has been paid in full and He loves each one of us right where we are at and graciously cleans us up and gives us everything we need to survive and thrive. All we have to do is accept Him as our Savior. "And they said, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household" Acts 16:31 "“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16

Adoption is a beautiful gift born out of unconditional love and sacrifice. I hope that if you haven't already been adopted by the King of Kings, that you will see how much you need Him and how much He loves you....already. I hope you will stop fighting and running away from Him and realize that you can run, but you can't hide. You need Him and He loves you.

Please take the time to watch this video all the way to the could save your life.


  1. Beautiful, Mom! Very well written. I love the parallels you used. Rooting for Kya! <3<3<3

  2. Thanks, Christine. I am excited to see the progress she is already making. :) It'll be neat to see what God has in store for her and her family!

  3. Beautiful!! I have read the book, but have never watched the video. I have added little Kya and her family to my prayer list. Please send words of encouragement to her special mama. She sounds like an amazing lady!

  4. Sounds like a most loving and wonderful family for this little girl to be adopted into!

  5. Thank you, Jodi! I know they really appreciate prayer support. The Way Of the Master ministry has some excellent materials. I'm glad you're familiar with them. :) Yes....Tracy is amazing. It has been so neat to watch the whole story play out. :)

  6. Pam, thanks for stopping in and saying hello. :) Yes, Kya's family is wonderful. I think it's a perfect match and it's really neat to see the consistent progress being made. :)

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