Wednesday, February 12, 2014

True Confessions of a Grumpy Mom


I woke up feeling grumpy this morning. By grumpy, I mean REALLY grumpy. I have been sick this week and I'm sure that is a factor, but I slept last night. In fact I slept hard and should have woken up refreshed, but I didn't. I knew I would wake up to the same thing I wake up to every day.....on the days I sleep in longer than the kids. The house would be abuzz with activity, messes would already abound, the breakfast mess in the kitchen would be sitting there waiting to be noticed and the boys would be full of crazy energy that would need to be directed and tamed. Never mind that I go to bed after the kids and clean as I go so we don't have to wake up to a mess in the morning. Don't get me wrong, the kids do clean up after themselves and they are good kids, but.....they ARE kids and that's the point.


There are mornings when I can really relate to this quote, even though I had responsibilities as a child....they were a lot lighter than now:


I hadn't had a cup of coffee yet. I don't drink coffee for the caffeine, but rather because I like it. A lot.  However, this morning, I seriously wondered if a little caffeine boost to my system might help. How many other moms have woken up feeling this way?  I normally love mornings. I love them especially when I am up before the crew and have time to wake up slowly, read my Bible and enjoy each sleepy little face that enters the living room as the kids start waking up.

Not today.

This is how I felt today.





If I had some refrigerator magnets, I might have warned the family.

Grumpy magnents

Normally I love and embrace my role as wife and mom. I really do! It's a privilege and a joy to me. I love my family. I love taking care of our home. I love teaching our kids. I love being with every single one of them, but apparently I am a little tired this week and maybe need a bit of a break.......because I could actually relate to this:

Trapped in Motherhood funny

So, what's a grumpy mom to do?  I have physically felt, all day, like there was a huge weight of exhaustion inside my body. It's crazy! It was the first day of Bible study, so I decided I shouldn't miss it. Besides, I needed an attitude adjustment and maybe getting out of the house would be just the ticket.  It was an excellent study and the fellowship was great.  It was in fact, all about God's grace.  I needed that today. I needed to be reminded again, of God's grace and especially on this very grumpy day.  I needed to have the gospel preached to me again.  I needed to just study and talk with other women and I also needed to get some groceries.

My energy level was enough to get me through major grocery shopping and then home and through the unloading process. I apologized to all of my kids for my snarky, snappy, grumpy attitude and then took a nap for an hour and a half. It helped and I feel a little better, but I can't say the grumpiness has subsided completely. I'm still ridiculously tired. It is really encouraging, though, how God meets us right where we are. Even when I'm not enjoying my own company, and I know nobody else is either, He is there. He shows up. He gives grace and He gives strength to face a tough day.

My kids have been extra loving today and helpful. They have offered back rubs, they have gotten through school, the boys have done their laundry and they were very quiet while I napped.  I think they had high hopes that Mom would wake up on the right side of the bed after a little sleep this time.

Here's to a new day tomorrow! I'm hopeful I'll wake up feeling well and energetic. I love a brand new day after a really tough one. It's the tough days and the tough times that make us appreciate the good ones, right?


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