Friday, March 28, 2014

How About that Movie, Noah?

Have you heard about the new movie, "Noah?"

Well, we have read several reviews and there's a lot of hype about it.

Ken Ham, from Answers In Genesis posted his review last night

 You can view Ray Comfort's review here.

We won't be watching Hollywood's version of NOAH, however, we did view this movie, "Noah" that Ken Ham and Ray Comfort shared, last night and it's excellent.

It's definitely worth the time it takes to watch it. It's well done, excellent and full of truth.

Be prepared....serious thought processing might be sparked.

Watch Noah Here

We are living in dark times, folks and with each day it seems things are growing darker still. Have you considered your future? I am not talking about a few years down the road. I'm referring to your eternal future. Have you really, truly, considered it?

You never know when your last day on earth will be. It could be tonight.



The Paralyzing Fear Of Puke

My son threw up yesterday.....several times.

Anyone who really knows me well, will understand that I have a very weak stomach and therefore my husband usually cleans up messes that result from tummy viruses or allergy repercussions.

Unfortunately my husband wasn't home yesterday when my daughter donned the cap of the Town Crier and blasted the news from the other end of the house, that her little brother had indeed, thrown up....and he had missed the toilet. Of course.

Fear held me in it's cold embrace and I was unable to move from my position at the computer. I felt my stomach revolting against the mere thought of the smell of puke. I visualized the very worst possible barf scenario imaginable and I literally sat locked in position, unable to move or think or even answer my panic stricken daughter.

puke mom fear

Suddenly, she became the mother and in a very commanding voice she attempted to get my attention: "Mom, you need to get up and go take care of your son!" I turned to her and stared at her through hollow eyes. I tried to move, but somehow my body wouldn't obey. As I stared at her, every muscle involuntarily lurched along with my stomach. I tried to answer her, but my lips wouldn't move.

With hands firmly planted on her hips and her feet in a wide, powerful stance, she mustered up all of her strength and her voice became deeper.....with full volume. She managed to shake me out of my fear filled trance and provoke an answer from my dry, parched lips.

"I can't do it."

puke mom

Apparently she was not impressed with my reply because her response was to inform me that not only was I capable of doing it, but that I had to do it.  I just stared at her and blinked slowly. She was not impressed and there was a definite compassion deficit in her mannerisms toward me.  (Okay, I embellished on this just a little....she is actually very compassionate, normally).

I am ashamed to admit this, but I actually turned to my little barfing boy and told him he would need to clean up his own mess. His response provoked immediate guilt and shame from me, as he burst into tears and melted on the floor. At that point, I emerged from my state of comatose fear, uttered a prayer, asked his forgiveness and somehow managed to gather the necessary equipment to clean up the mess.

I don't know if God put a guard over my nose or what happened, but it literally didn't have any odor at all and it was not difficult to clean up. The entire process took me under ten minutes....including bleaching the area and starting a load of towels in the washing machine. Boy did I feel like a heel. I gathered my son in my arms and snuggled him, asking him to forgive me for being such a loser in the vomit detail department.

My daughter felt terrible for freaking out and talking to me in such a commanding manner and eventually we all had a good laugh....which healed the whole situation.

My son lost the contents of his stomach a few more times yesterday, but he did manage to make it to the toilet each time after that. I guess he didn't want to witness another traumatizing reaction from the females in the family. Where's Dad when we need him, anyway? He never freaks out. He just quietly and graciously rolls up his sleeves and does the dirty work. How have I managed to get out of vomit detail all these years, I wondered?  As we all know, kids tend to puke during the night time hours when Dad is home. I have been rather spoiled, but then I think he didn't like the results he witnessed early on when he left the job to me. He has never asked me to do vomit duty since that time. Not once.... ever. He's a good man.

My color is back to normal. My son's color is back to normal. My daughter's voice is back to normal. Nobody has barfed today. Thankfully. Hopefully I will be able to escape the clutches of fear and actually embrace the dirty detail with courage if it happens again.

puke car

I often wonder if there are any other mothers who aren't perfect, compassionate saints when it comes to bodily fluids. It seems like all the other moms I know, gently wipe their child's brow and hold their hair back as they embrace the porcelain throne. They help them into the bath tub and clean up any surrounding areas that might have been showered with puke shrapnel without batting an eye. I can't tell you how much I envy them. I have often wondered if their sense of smell just wasn't connected or if their stomach really is made of caste iron.

puke mom kid

Maybe God just puts a guard over their noses and gives them the grace to do the job, like He did for me yesterday. I know I couldn't have done that without supernatural strength. :)

At any rate, by the grace of God, fear was conquered yesterday and the job was accomplished. Today is a new day and a much better one. My son is back to normal, eating everything in sight and my daughter and I have enjoyed a good laugh at ourselves in possibly some of our ugliest moments ever.

Somebody told me they visualize our home as being perfect and peaceful. I hope this post serves to dispel any rumors, thoughts or imaginations on that level.

puke dad




Thursday, March 27, 2014

Why Shakeology?


So, I have received quite a few inquiries regarding Shakeology. People want to know what it's done for me. People want to know what the difference is between Shakeology and a protein drink. People want to know if it tastes good. People want to know why it's so expensive.

If you are one of the many people who is looking for answers to these questions, this post is for you!

I will begin by sharing a short list of physical improvements I noticed after I started replacing a meal a day with Shakeology:

1. Increased energy

2. Balanced out moods during peri menopause

3. Strengthened fingernails

4. Changed the health of my hair for the better and increased the rate of growth.

5. Aided in weight loss

6. Decreased hot flashes by providing adrenal support

7. Strengthened my immune system

8. Healthier skin

9. Significantly curbed sugar cravings

Our daughter, who was struggling with digestive issues created this little visual to communicate how much better she felt once she started replacing one meal with Shakeology. I didn't ask her to do this. I found her working on it one morning on her own.


I want to make it clear that Shakeology is not a protein drink, although it has an excellent protein to carb ratio. It is a full meal replacement, loaded with over 70 amazing all natural (technically organic, but not certified in order to keep cost down) ingredients. It is sweetened with the natural sugars found in the fruit it includes and with all natural, safe, Stevia. It is gluten free. There are six flavors to choose from and two of those are vegan for those who cannot or wish not to incorporate dairy into their diets. As far as the cost of Shakeology's about a $4.00 to $5.00 a day investment, depending on what recipes you choose to use for blending it. It is a complete meal when you consider the money you spend on a coffee drink, soda, fast food stop's not really that expensive. It's an investment into your health, not just a palate pleaser or a fun drink. It's pure nutrition, that feeds your body to the core.

Check out this short videos that explain a little bit about the ingredients in Shakeology:

Shakeology The Breakthrough

One of our favorite "desserts" which is loaded with incredible nutrition and super delicious, is Raw Fudge. Shakeology can be enjoyed in more than one form and this is one of those forms.


Single Serving Raw Fudge Clean Eating Style works with Paleo or Vegan as well:

1 Tablespoon raw almond butter

1 tablespoon coconut oil, melted

1 teaspoon Shakeology

1 teaspoon pure maple syrup

1/8 teaspoon vanilla extract

pinch fine sea salt (I prefer Himalayan)

Serves one


In a small bowl combine all of the ingredients and mix well. Adjust flavor to taste, if necessary. Transfer into a small bowl or container and freeze until firm. Enjoy!

Our favorite flavor is chocolate, but there are six flavors to choose from and another one I love is vanilla. Shakeology is never boring. I blend it using some of my favorite recipes for a full meal shake, in my Vitamix (blender) and it's like enjoying dessert for a meal each day....a delicious, nutritious "milk" shake. Yum! It's perfect for any meal of the day and a great way to replenish muscles after a workout.


Shakeology and a healthy diet, with exercise......does a body good!


If you have any questions, please ask and if you want to simply check out the various flavors and cost, you can go to and click on Shakeology.

We have a bottom of the bag, money back guarantee, so if you are not satisfied, you can send the bag back, even if it's empty, for a full refund.

I hope I have adequately addressed the questions I was asked in this post. If you have any further questions, or are interested in a seven day Shakeology Lean Out Clean Out Challenge, you can contact me through my website: or you can leave a comment.



I leave you with one more rather funny, explanation of Shakeology ingredients. Tony Horton, P90X trainer, is hilarious and does a great job in this video:

Tony Horton and Shakeology


I hope you have a healthy day. :)



Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Creating Entrepreneurs Through Playtime & Natural Learning, Part II

Yesterday I wrote a post about the importance of natural learning and playtime for whole child development.

As I watch our children play and use their imaginations, future career possibilities become apparent. It's interesting to see the innovative imaginations in kids when they are provided with opportunities to develop interests and skills through natural play.

As parents, it is important that we facilitate opportunities for our kids to explore various activities in order for their creative potential to surface.

Last week Brandi and I met up at the local Children's Museum and let the kids explore and play in an excellent, natural, yet educational environment. They were provided with opportunities to explore art........

DSC08793 DSC08794

Enjoy a little scientific activity.....


DSC08795 DSC08796

Explore a crane, and practice climbing skills....


DSC08799 DSC08800

Play with various musical instruments.....







They painted....


Some of them enjoyed some culinary creativity.....and a little taste testing. :)




They dressed up in costumes and put on a little puppet show and a (very short) play.....

DSC08813 DSC08815


They played, climbed, created and played some more.


DSC08819 DSC08821


DSC08822 DSC08823






DSC08826 DSC08827























They explored a boat....




They acted goofy....and powerful and they were powerfully goofy. :)

DSC08845 DSC08848



They went fishing.

DSC08851 DSC08852



They built a dam.








They explored and created.....and played with textures, color, and various art objects to enhance their creations.

DSC08865 DSC08866





They "drove" a Semi Truck.



DSC08871 DSC08872



Some of the little ones explored floor textures. :)


And.....their five senses, including taste. :)




They played in the sand under the boat.





DSC08887 DSC08888


DSC08889 DSC08890

They strung beads, did some artistic creations with buttons, beads, color crayons, colored pencil, feathers, string, stencils, ribbon and markers.

DSC08891 DSC08892





And some of them explored the benefits of a good nap. :)










They practiced listening skills. :)


Some of the kids tried out their skills in the retail business.






Some of the kids tried their hand at cooking and restaurant ownership.....

DSC08910 DSC08911

Others tried their hand at building and other interesting ideas....

DSC08914 DSC08920






DSC08929 DSC08930 DSC08932

And after a couple of hours of a fun, natural learning through exploration time, they developed an incredible appetite. It's a good thing Brandi remembered to bring some snacks and enough to share, because I was an epic failure in that department. :)






If you have a Children's Museum in your area, I encourage you to take your kids and let them explore, create and play for a few hours. I followed them around with my camera, (obviously :)), watching them and paying attention to what activities each child seemed to enjoy the most. A parent/grandparent can learn a lot about their kids by simply watching what they are drawn to and how they interact with each activity. We enjoy taking the kids to different environments where they can "try on" various careers and activities. Sometimes these little field trips spark a life long interest/career/community service habit in our kids. At the very least, it provides them with an array of fun experiences they can draw from.