Sunday, March 2, 2014

An Unwanted Guest and Some Good Recipes

Be careful who/what you invite into your home.

The other day, a wild and crazy visitor arrived on our door step. He was disguised well and the kids didn't recognize him right away. They opened the door wide and let him walk on in. Suffice it to say, we soon realized that not only was he an unwelcome guest, but he has a power driven agenda with a strong hunger for control over our family. He is ugly. He is wicked and once he got in, we have found it difficult, yet not impossible, to get rid of him. He has been served an eviction notice and I think he is on the way out the least I sure hope so. We are exhausted from the effort it is taking to get rid of him. His name?  I'm not really sure. He hasn't exactly disclosed that in the case of most criminals, he is simply here to attack and rob. He doesn't feel he owes us anything else. Look out for this guy. It seems he is on the loose, lurking in dark alleys and broad daylight. He is bold. He is strong. He is mean and he has made the lives of his victims miserable.

You will know him by what he does. He looks harmless enough, but his actions are easy to recognize. First he sneaks into your home via a hand shake, hug, kiss, sneeze, cough, or maybe even the handle of a shopping cart. He attacks his victims with a pounding headache, sore throat, high fever and extreme exhaustion. Next he stuffs astronomical amounts of cotton in the sinus cavities of his victims and plugs their ears with more. This is how he causes tension and pain that is for some, excruciating. Be on the look out for him. Have your weapon arsenal ready at hand and be proactive. The best way to guard against this health and energy robbing thief is to arm everyone in the home with good size doses of Buffered Vitamin C with bioflavonoids every single day, even if you think your home is not at risk and build up an army of immunity builders with plenty of good organic produce, water, organic tea and home made juice. Add in fresh, raw garlic to that arsenal, plenty of sleep, consistent exercise and pass up the sugary carbs. If he manages to break through all of that, go for the olive leaf extract....with each meal. If you can do it, add in some Shakeology as one of your regular meals. It's a sure fire way to build your immune system and protect against health robbing thieves.  Fortunately, our kids have done an amazing job of defending themselves because they are armed with a strong defense against this attacker. Although he managed to get in, he has been met with strong resistance and has been pushed back hard, toward the door. He knows he is not welcome here and we are grateful that the Creator of our bodies has given us the wisdom to know how to fight and fight hard.

Since we are busy doing war on the front lines this week-end, we have been enjoying some time at home together as a family. We spent the day resting yesterday. We watched a movie together, read some books, did some studying and I worked on some business I needed to take care of. Today we enjoyed streaming the service from our church. It was nice to feel like we didn't miss it entirely.

Natalie and I made a delicious organic roast that I purchased from a local farmer. Grass fed beef.....oh my. It was the most succulent roast I have ever had the pleasure to meet. It literally melted in our mouths. Incredible. We fried home made organic sweet potatoes in coconut oil, roasted up some delicious green cabbage, and I made a salad loaded with greens and all kinds of veggies. The dressing was amazing. I found a creamy avocado dressing recipe that is SO good! What a yummy lunch.

Chuck Roast:
Brown half an onion in coconut oil and add in three or flour cloves of fresh, minced garlic and some sliced mushrooms. Sautee until the onions are translucent and everything else is nicely browned. Sear the roast on all sides. Transfer the vegetables to a Dutch Oven, add half of a raw onion and place a bay leaf on top. Transfer the roast to the pan on top of the veggies and bay leaf.  Season all around with Himalayan salt and fresh ground pepper. Place a second bay leaf on top. Cover with a lid and bake at 350 degrees for thirty minutes. Turn the oven down to 300 degrees and cook for another hour and a half. Remove from oven and let stand, covered for a few more minutes and serve. Incredible!

Organic Roast, Sweet Potato Fries, Roasted Cabbage, Salad with Creamy Avocado Dressing.

Yesterday Natalie and I made a gluten free, organic spaghetti meal for lunch. We used brown rice spaghetti.

For the sauce: Sautee a chopped onion in coconut oil. Once the onion is translucent, add three to six cans of organic tomato sauce (depending on how much you want to make). Add two cans of organic, diced tomatoes (or freshly diced tomatoes) with the juice. Add four cloves, fresh minced garlic, plenty of Italian seasoning and fresh or dry basil and some freshly grated parmesan cheese. Add about a tsp. of xylitol or honey and mix well. Stir in some fully cooked nitrate free, all natural Italian sausage and/or some browned organic ground beef. Let simmer for an hour or more.

We served the spaghetti with boiled brussel sprouts and butter nut squash. Yummy!


In spite of the unwelcome guest in our home, we have enjoyed the refreshing week-end of relaxation. I managed to get our bedding washed, take a nap, wash a load of towels and my hubs and I are planning a P90X3 workout here in a bit. I have no complaints, whatsoever!


  1. Hope you are all better by Monday!! Sounds like you made the best of a tough week. I always enjoy hearing about all of your natural healing methods. Another friend just shared about making a onion, ACV rub for the chest to help with chest congestion/breathing difficulties. I jotted it down and put it in my medicine box, so that I can find it when I need it! Do you use essential oils?

  2. Thank you, Jodi! We are feeling better today. :) I'm so glad. We're still a little tired, so I think naps are on the agenda, but other than that, we are much better. I would love to have the onion, ACV rub recipe. Could you share that with me please? We use eucalyptus oil, but other than that, no not really. It's something I want to look into. Kim sent me a couple of kombucha scabies too and I am planning to get started on those for help with healing the gut. GREAT stuff. :) I'll probably be posting on that as well. :)