Monday, March 24, 2014

Simple, Gluten Free, Egg Free Meal & Snack Ideas

Back when I first began learning how to do life without gluten, it was a struggle, but it was also a fun pursuit that I still enjoy. Since we have already done some of the foot work in our family, I would like to pass along some simple and delicious ideas for meals and snacks for those of you who are on the gluten free, egg free walk.

Last week I headed out to a local farm and purchased some grass fed steaks and roasts. For lunch the other day, I sautéed some mushrooms, onions and freshly minced garlic in coconut oil, and roasted some asparagus while I had a pan full of organic veggies, onions and garlic stir frying on the stove. I added some Himalayan salt and some freshly ground pepper, garlic and organic no salt seasoning to the steaks and we enjoyed a very healthy, delicious meal. It only took about twenty minutes to prepare from start to finish.


A nice, light meal or snack that is easy to whip up is a salad full of mixed, organic greens with a home made balsamic vinaigrette and a couple of rice cakes topped with organic, natural peanut butter and bananas. Yummy and easy.

photo (2)-001

As a general rule, I try to avoid starches with our protein, but the other day we were craving an old fashioned chicken dinner, so we enjoyed one. The potatoes are much lighter in calorie than the way I used to make them. I add grass fed butter to them, Himalayan salt, some almond/coconut milk and whip them up. We enjoyed a mixture of organic veggies with them and some sautéed mushrooms and onions. Perfect. Simple. Quick.

Organic Chicken Dinner

I welcome ideas of other meal and snack please, if you have any gluten free, egg free, soy free ideas or favorites, please leave a comment with your suggestions. I love to try new things.

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