Saturday, April 26, 2014

Breaking the Routine With Friends, Kya Update & Home School Stuff


Yesterday we took a break from school.....well, at least all of the kiddos in our home who are completely on track, took a break. Sadly one of them  missed out on this reward which meant we all missed out on hanging out with him on our day off. It was a bummer for all of us, but hopefully next time he will get to take a break with the rest of the kids.

Our dear friends, Tracy Keen and her boys were able to come out and we all enjoyed a much needed day of fun. Brandi and the grandkiddos joined us and the kids had a great time exploring in the woods, building forts, soaking up the sunshine and eating a delicious lunch consisting of home made gluten free chilli, kosher hot dogs, baked potatoes, tortilla chips, grapes and some tasty home made gluten free, organic cupcakes and donuts for dessert.



We moms chatted, laughed, and generally decompressed. It was so good to get a visit in with Tracy again, outside of the hospital and in a relaxed environment.

We have also had the pleasure of a precious little guest in our home for the past couple of days and all the kids have enjoyed Isaac tremendously. He's the cute little guy in the overalls and Noah was pretty happy that he got to hold him for the pictures. :)

My grandson, Jackson is quite the warrior. Did you know sticks make great arrows?


My granddaughters, Alahna, Hailee and Isaac had a lot of fun together.




After everyone left for the day, Isaac joined Tim, Noah, Levi and me in an hour long, "epic" Nerf Gun War.

Shakeology was on the dinner menu and after dinner, Rich and I did P90X3's Total Synergistics.  What a great way to end all the activities of the day and it was a sure way to guarantee a good night's rest. :)

I'll add in a quick update on Kya to end this post.  She had another heart catheterization on Thursday which you can read about here.  Tracy said the next procedure is set for early Tuesday morning. Please keep Kya, the surgeon, the medical team and the Keen family in your prayers that Kya will have an uneventful week-end, that she will be rested up and able to handle the surgery well, and that it would be very successful with a complete recovery.



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