Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Caprese Chicken Salad With a Pesto Twist

Saturday night, date night with my soul mate included this:

Caprese Salad with a Pesto Twist

We have really exciting date nights....at least to us they are exciting.


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This past Saturday we went shopping together and we bought the ingredients to make a Caprese  Salad, only we both wanted chicken in it and we both wanted pesto flavor.....and we found these delicious mozzarella marinated cheese balls at Costco. So.....my creative juices were kicked into gear and when we got home, I rolled up my sleeves, pulled on my apron and got busy.

I fried boneless, skinless chicken breasts in coconut oil and seasoned them with Himalayan salt, organic no salt seasoning, basil and a little bit of fresh, ground pepper. After they were thoroughly browned, I cut them up in the pan and added pesto sauce (to taste).

Meanwhile, I made a bed of greens with fresh kale, spinach and lettuce. I added grape tomatoes, avocado, the marinated cheese balls with some of the oil they were marinated in and then added the chicken to the salad. After blending it all together, the flavor from the chicken permeated the whole salad and it was AMAZING!

If you want a delicious, nutritious, gluten free salad that's easy to make, give this one a try! :)

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