Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dealing With School Year Burnout

As a home schooling family, we tend to start out with a bang in August and go hard until the holiday break. From January to June things tend to slow down. We are tired and ready to be done for the summer months.

How do you deal with that feeling of burnout when there are still several months of school left for the season?

Well.....since we went so hard the first several months while the kids were fresh and I was fresh, we have earned a few breaks, so....we take them!

That's the beauty of home schooling. We can be flexible with our schedule. The kids are doing great. For the most part, they are right on track and will be done in June. Now we get to plan and enjoy some field trips and extra time outdoors. Perfect.....since the days are longer and the sun is out more often.

Last week the kids did do school, but they are able to put in fewer hours and take more free time and much of that time, we get to spend with their older sister and their nieces and nephews, making great memories.

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How do you deal with burnout? There are so many ways to plan out the school year. Some people go year round and take breaks more often. Some of the moms I talk to take a day off each week to get their house back in order, catch up on laundry and just relax. Others take a week off every four weeks. We switch it up often because we enjoy change and flexibility. The important thing is to find what works for your family and go for it!


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