Thursday, May 8, 2014

From Babies to Thank You Notes

I can't resist my grandson's chubby little cheeks.


And....I can't resist taking pictures of his handsome little face.


It's the little things in life that fill my heart with gratitude and joy.

Baby kisses, chubby little cheeks and first steps on wobbly legs. Who doesn't smile and laugh at the wonder of a baby's firsts?

I smiled and laughed at the wonder of her firsts too. My gratitude for the honor of being her mother has been well documented in photo albums spanning the past fifteen years since she was birthed into our arms.

I documented her fifteenth birthday, her piano talents and the removal of the braces she wore for two and a half years in my last post.

Yesterday we received this sweet card in the mail. It was so unexpected. It was so mature and such a gift to us, her parents. It was probably the best gift we've ever received from her in its honest, thoughtful, simplicity and sincerity.



It's the little things in life. To know she grasps and understands the sacrifices we made so she could have straightened teeth and a jaw that lines up, really means a lot.

We didn't say anything about it. We couldn't imagine NOT giving her that gift. It's what parents do for their children when they are able, right? It took me back, actually, to our two older kids. They needed braces and we were unable, at the time, to provide them and it hurt our hearts to not be able to give them that gift. Fortunately, they didn't need them to the extent Natalie did and we are grateful that we  had the means to provide them for her.

This little thank you note....brought tears to my eyes. With the prevailing entitlement mentality in our society today, it was refreshing to learn that she didn't take it for granted. She didn't think we owed it to her to fix her teeth. She didn't think she deserved it just because she is our child. She views her new jaw line and straightened teeth as a gift to be received with gratitude. This note represents maturity. It represents a grateful heart and it represents the short amount of time we have left with her here. It hurts my heart and fills it with joy at the same time.

From that chubby, adorable little baby to a fifteen year old sending a thank you all went by so fast.

Next year, she'll be driving and I'm not sure I'm ready to even think about that.

Hold them close with open palms.....because you may get a thank you note in the mail before you know it too....and you will wonder how your baby grew up so fast.



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