Friday, May 23, 2014

From Winter To Spring

We're deep into the season of spring and my favorite tree is changing again.

The last time my camera captured it's beauty, it was standing tall and naked, on a cold winter day. Each winter, that tree seems to stand more tall and more sure in the security of its root system than the season before.



There was a beauty in it's cold nakedness as it stood stark, tall and proud against a brilliant blue sky.

And I thought of those wintery seasons in my life. Those seasons of loss, pain and turmoil. My ability to identify with that naked winter tree is vivid. There have been numerous wintery trials over the years during which the torrid winds of life have seemed to strip my soul of every shred of security, leaving me cold, bare and empty.

I have observed changes....significant depth and strength.....after the winds have died down and a gentle calm cloaks the new morning. A deep beauty emerges from the terrifying turbulence of the winter season. It's in those pitch black, blustery seasons of shrieking winds, that strength and courage are born. Trust emerges as the desire to control the tempest is forfeited, in exchange for in the Creator....the One who has actually been in control all along. The idea of controlling "my" life has been a deceptive veil, covering my eyes with blindness to this reality and robbing me of peace and faith and joy. My blindness compelled me to reach out, frantically searching for fulfillment, yet fear and turmoil were the only fruits of my frenzied grasping at the illusive power I sought to gain over this short life on earth.

And then the morning sunrise illuminated the truth. God didn't remove me from the storms of the seasons, but rather He protected me through them. He allowed them in my life to build a root system of faith and trust in Him. He revealed His glory through the trial. He didn't stop the winds that beat at me, but He gave me the grace to endure. He has used every stormy trial to build my trust in Him, to remind me that He is God and He is faithful....always. God is good, all the time. This is the root system so necessary to gain the inner peace that comes from faith. When God gives and blesses and when He takes away, He is good.

And said: "Naked I came from my mother's womb, and naked I will depart. The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away; may the name of the LORD be praised." Job 1:21

"And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28


Through one of those wintery trials, this song was born.

Just Rest In Me

Verse 1: Steam rising up from the coffee in my cup. Tears falling down in little tiny drops. My burdens are heavy, my cross seems too great to bear. I ask the Lord for mercy and relief from all my cares.

Chorus: He answers: Just rest in me. I'll help you through the storm. you'll feel it beating all about but you will not be harmed. Will you trust me totally? I'll make you stronger through it. Will you put your hand in mine and let me walk you through it?

Verse 2: I take a sip of coffee as I think about my pain. I wonder why this storm has come and what there is to gain. Oh Lord, why me, I cry? What good can come from this? I'm weary and I'm worn, this I must confess. (chorus)


Bridge: As I meditate on him and read his Holy Word, I feel his presence in the room, his comfort strong and sure. I know he wants the best for me. He understands my heart.

 He knows what storms I must go through and that each one plays a making me more like him; a good work he's begun. He'll bring it to completion as I look to his Son.

Verse 3/Revised chorus: I answer, yes I'll rest in you. You'll help me through the storm. I'll feel it beating all about and I know I won't be harmed. I will trust you totally. You'll make me stronger through it. I'll put my hand in your big hand and let you walk me through it.

I'll put my hand in your big hand.......and me through it.

Jana Taft




  1. Oh Jana, this is so beautiful and I can sooo relate to this entry. Yes, He so beautifully protects and insulates us from the evil that surrounds...He is good, He is good....His love endures forever.

    Sometimes I too look at those trees, and I feel it. Good, bad...and the beautiful blossoming - I feel it too and can relate to those lovely trees God has there for reminders to us.

    Thank you for noticing these things and put the noticings to words...It's such a blessing to know a sister in the Lord who *sees* these things too.

    You are a gem. Love, ~amelia

  2. Amelia,
    You are definitely a kindred spirit! I love that you do the introspective thing with me. :) It's always such a blessing to read your posts and comments because of your insight and as you said, the ability to sees things through a similar lens to mine. You're such a blessing, sister! (((hugs)))