Tuesday, May 6, 2014

She's fifteen Already....Where Did The Time Go?

Our little girl turned fifteen the other day.

The time has flown by and she has grown up so quickly.

While she was taking part in a thirty hour famine with the youth group, the boys and I got busy in the kitchen baking her cake and making a delicious birthday dinner to welcome her home and celebrate her life.


We made her favorite cake.

Gluten-free, egg free, soy free....chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.







Noah made the frosting, pretty much all by himself. He read the directions and followed them.

He thought running the hand mixer was pretty cool.




The organic, whole chicken fryers we made. We seasoned them with Himalayan salt, organic no salt seasoning, and oregano.



We made Natalie's favorite: gluten-free, garlic mashed potatoes.

After cooking and mashing the soft golden potatoes, we added a cube of butter, four cloves of fresh, minced garlic, Himalayan salt, organic no-salt seasoning, and some almond milk to the Kitchen Aid mixer and whipped them up until they were soft and creamy.


Stir fry veggies go great with a delicious chicken dinner.



After fasting for thirty hours, the girls were pretty thrilled to walk in the door to a birthday dinner and dessert. It was a really fun and special night.






DSC09229 DSC09230

I took Natalie out for a mother/daughter date for her birthday gift and she got to pick out some new summer clothes. We had a great time, complete with a pit stop to Jamba Juice. :)

On her actual birthday, Natalie, Christine and Tim all played piano for a fund raising event for the music teacher's association and afterwards, we dropped the rest of the kids off and took Natalie out to dinner. Rich and I love to treat each of our kids, individually on their birthdays. It's such a precious time for all of us and it gives us opportunity to enjoy each of them one-on-one. We had a great time out at Red Robin and Natalie kept us laughing with her hilarious sense of humor throughout the meal.

She and Christine attended the last Bible study of the season for their youth group that night and were treated to ice cream by their leader. I think Natalie really enjoyed her special day and we enjoyed celebrating her. What a blessing she is to our family.

I took some pictures and video of the dessert fund raiser.

If you would like to see the video of Christine and Tim's pieces, just click here.





Natalie played a duet with her piano teacher and played a solo piece. Click here to view them.






Two and a half years ago, Natalie had braces put on and the day after her birthday, she ended her relationship with those appliances and had them removed.

Below is a picture of her just before she had them applied.

family photo 2012

Before we headed out for her removal appointment we took one last picture of her with her braces and we took a couple of more after they were removed.

DSC09251      DSC09252


Each day with each one of our kids is a treasure. Each year as we celebrate their birthdays, we realize how blessed we are to enjoy each one of them and their unique personalities. Natalie has matured and changed a great deal in this past year and we can't believe we only have a few years left with her in our home. I want to embrace each day and enjoy this time while our family is still as it is today.

Don't miss out on one minute of your children's youth.....it will be gone before you know it.



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