Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Spring Piano Recital

This year's spring piano recital was really fun and such a special night. There were two graduating seniors (sniff, sniff). After watching them play for so many years and enjoying their amazing talents, I am really sad that we won't be able to see them at piano recitals anymore.

Everyone did a great job and the evening consisted of ensembles, rather than solo pieces, although there were some solos played by the seniors and a couple of younger students.

I got some still shots and video of all of our kids' performances. You can click on the highlighted words to view the videos.

Our oldest son and youngest daughter played a duet together called Jalapeno Hop.


DSC09533 DSC09534


Our youngest daughter also played a trio entitled Chromatic Waltz with her piano teacher and another student.



DSC09537 DSC09539

Our third born daughter played a duet with the piano teacher entitled Halle, Halle, Hallelujah


DSC09540 DSC09545 DSC09546

The girls took part in a group Rhythmic Fugue with their teacher. This was the first time I was acquainted with a rhythmic fugue. It was pretty neat!


DSC09550 DSC09553

Our annual tradition after the spring recital is for the parents to engage in a full blown photo shoot. I have pictures over the years, of many of these kids from the time they were new students at seven or eight years old until they graduate as seniors. They are priceless to us.


DSC09572 DSC09575


DSC09578  DSC09580

Goofing off and enjoying friends after the recital.

DSC09581 DSC09583


DSC09584 DSC09588-001

For some solo pieces by each of the kids, you can read this post and view them.

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