Monday, June 2, 2014

Safe in the Arms of Jesus

Our power is out and I can't access the Kya blog so I am posting here. Kya is now safe in the arms of Jesus. Please continue to pray for the Keen family in the coming days as they will need more support than ever. I will update the blog when I am able.



  1. She is truly safe & has found complete healing. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures. I'm in tears again.

  2. Cindy, the vision of Kya running and playing in heaven with a brand new heart and brand new body makes me smile through the tears. Thank you for contacting me. I got a glimpse of your blog this morning and can't wait to read more. Your blog is beautiful and I loved reading the little bit I was able to, about Kya and Ellie Belly's friendship. So incredibly precious. <3

  3. This beautiful little baby is with the Father now in His arms, perfectly healed.

    I will pray for her mommy and daddy, I know this must be so very, very painful and I am so sorry for this great loss.

    Oh God bless them and be with them... I've been praying but am just now able to come by your blog Jana, I'm so sorry about taking so long.

    Love, Amelia

  4. Amelia, you are a dear, sweet, friend. It's totally worries about the time passage. I'm always happy to hear from you even if there is a lot of time in between our connections. Blessings and (((hugs))) to you and lots of love too,
    <3 Jana <3