Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Photography Website


As my readers have probably figured out by now, I love photography. I am by no means a professional. I don't have special equipment, just a simple little point and shoot camera and a decent editor, but I can't get enough of the art of photography. It's one of my creative outlets that I am passionate about because it allows me to capture the beauty of the many precious moments of life. As a result, I have opened a site specifically to host this passion and if you would like to hop on over and check it out and/or follow it, there is a button at the top of this blog you can click on: Nurturing the Heart Photography or you can just click here.

I hope you enjoy my photos and yet I'm sure nobody will enjoy them as much as I do because I lived in that moment and saw something through the lens of my camera that caused me to worship God and give him thanks by documenting that instant through photography.

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