Friday, August 29, 2014

Best Ever Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

We are having company tonight. Feeling a little sleepy after a ridiculously busy month and week, I slipped off to my room to take a short little afternoon siesta so I could be rested and ready to enjoy the evening. Two hours later I woke up with crease marks all down the side of my face and neck, and feeling confused as to which year this is, as well as my location.

As I stumbled around in a drowsy, confused state, I managed to find my way out of the bedroom, and a familiar and tantalizing smell wafted through the air. An unexpected drool pool formed again and I subconsciously lifted my hand to my lip, catching it before it made the dangerous leap to the carpeted floor. Mmmm.... chocolate chip cookies!

A cookie baking fairy had been working her magic in my kitchen again and as I rounded the corner to the kitchen, I caught sight of her softly padding away through the opposite kitchen door. She was just as exquisite as the cookies themselves and in appearance her soft, blonde locks and twinkling blue eyes closely resembled those of our daughter, Natalie.
I shook my head as I attempted to come out of the sleepy fog that still filled my head like a bag full of Cotten.

As I surveyed the scene in the perfectly clean kitchen, It was apparent that not only was this a cookie baking fairy, but a cleaning fairy as well. The kitchen literally sparkled and not a crumb could be found on the counters or floor. And then I spotted them. They were beautiful, perfectly formed, plump, amazing, chocolate chip cookies. I was certain the fairy had tricked me this time and whipped up gluten and egg filled cookies so I set out to investigate. In between the pages of a cook book, the miracle working fairy had left a little clue....and when I wiped the flour off that page, I knew I had struck gold for there it was; literally shimmering in the kitchen light. She had successfully tricked me into believing these were no gluten free, egg free creations and yet....there it was in black and white:
The Golden Recipe for the perfect gluten-free, egg-free, soy-free chocolate chip cookies.

***Note: The eggs in this recipe were replaced with one tablespoon of chia seed mixed with three tablespoons of water, per egg.



There may or may not be chocolate on my face and I may or may not be busy sampling cookies. 🍪🍪😇

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