Monday, November 3, 2014

Be My Guest

We will celebrate our seventeenth wedding anniversary next month.

We were married just a few days before Christmas and spent our honeymoon nestled away with hot cocoa, a fire place, a whirl pool tub and a beautiful log bed all cozied up in a sweet little bungalow surrounded by mountains in the beautiful little town of Leavenworth, Washington. The town was all lit up for Christmas. Children were sledding in the snowy glow of Christmas lights and we had a wonderful time snow shoeing and holding hands as we walked through the town looking for the perfect Christmas gifts for our family and friends and enjoying delicious food in romantic restaurant settings. What a wonderful way to start out our new life together.

For a wedding gift, my Mom hand knitted a gorgeous bedspread for us to use in a future guest bedroom and I have looked forward to the day we could finally put it on a bed for our guests.

Our marriage began with children and the Lord has added more to our numbers along the way. My older daughters were nine and eleven when we got married and just sixteen and a half months into our marriage we were blessed with Natalie. Twelve and a half months later we welcomed Christine. Fourteen months after that we welcomed Tim. A little over three years later we were blessed with Noah and twenty-four months after he joined us, Levi entered the scene. Needless to say, a guest bedroom has not been a priority for our growing family.

This last summer we enjoyed quite a few weekends packed with company and we found ourselves really wishing we had an actual guest bedroom. Our girls' bedroom has always doubled as the guest bedroom since it has its own bathroom connected to it, and they have been great sports about giving up their beds and their space for company, however we have thought for quite a while that an upcoming priority would be to convert either the den into a guest bedroom or perhaps the home school room.

Recently one of the rooms in our home that has primarily functioned as a home school room, finally became available for a change in occupancy.  The kids are getting older and there is no longer a need to have an entire room set aside for home schooling, so in September we completely redid that space and we now have a lovely room set aside for any weary travelers that might choose our little home for a resting place. I still need to hang some curtains in there and do a couple of finishing details, but it's ready for the most part now and I love it. The beautiful bedspread my Mom made graces the foot of the bed.



DSC01808-001 (1024x674)

One of my favorite things about this space is that our pack -n -play is permanently  set up for our grandchildren, although you can't see it in these pictures.

Practicing hospitality is something Grandma did with grace and beauty. My Mom took the baton from her and passed it on to her children. We're excited to have a comfortable, queen size bed and some of the small comforts from home to offer our own guests.



DSC01805-001 (1024x777)


DSC01804-001 (1024x768)

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