Saturday, November 22, 2014

Cozy Holiday Shopping

Last night we opened our home for an evening of Cozy Holiday Shopping.

We invited several vendors to come in and invited friends and family from our community to stop in for a unique shopping experience while sipping on hot apple cider, or coffee and enjoying holiday treats from the refreshment table. It was a really fun evening, although we didn't have quite the turnout we had hoped for. It was still very successful and really enjoyable.

As a home school mom, it was a wonderful way for our kids to have an opportunity to try out their  entrepreneurial skills. Six of our kids set up tables as vendors and I had my own little booth.

I took plenty of pictures and I'll let those speak for themselves.


holiday gift basket


We had doTerra Essential Oils with my sweet friend from childhood, Virginia, and her daughter Christina. Christina is actually the doTerra consultant. Her Mom is pictured below


DSC01896-001 (958x1024)

Christina and Her Mom

DSC01897-001 (1024x722)


These pictures aren't exactly in perfect order, and may seem a little random, but I think they still tell the story. Below is our nine year old son's art booth. He was thrilled that he sold five pieces of his own original art. He worked hard and did such a great job!


DSC01900-001 (1024x834)



DSC01901-001 (1024x738)


DSC01907-001 (1024x859)




DSC01909-001 (713x1024)


DSC01910-001 (1024x782)


DSC01912-001 (1024x611)

Our daughter Christine, has her own babysitting business and she is really passionate about it. She loves children, has loads of experience as an older sister to three little brothers, an auntie to eight (soon to be nine) nieces and nephews and she has done quite a bit of babysitting for friends in our area as well. Christine is also First Aid and CPR certified and the kids she babysits for really love her. She sold and still is selling, gift certificates. If you are in our area and you know a busy mom or couple who would love to get out for some time away, you can still purchase gift certificates through her.

You can contact her here.

DSC01913-001 (979x1024)


DSC01914-001 (1024x823)


DSC01915-001 (1024x776)


DSC01916-001 (1024x928)


DSC01917-001 (1024x775)

We had Usborne Books here, with Adrienne, which was a huge hit and especially with our kids who are crazy about books. I may or may not have done a little Christmas shopping of my own in this booth. (wink)

DSC01918-001 (1024x890)


A few more shots of Christine's table. she worked so hard on it, shopping for details and making her own sign. She did a great job!


DSC01920-001 (1024x775)

DSC01921-001 (1024x781)

Our daughter Natalie, loves to clean and organize. She has started her own Mary Poppins House Cleaning Services and sold gift certificates as Christmas presents last night. If you know anyone who would enjoy having some help with organizing, cleaning, or other house hold projects as a Christmas gift, you can contact her  to purchase gift certificates through the contact form at the top of this page.

DSC01923-001 (1024x780)


DSC01924-001 (1024x882)

Natalie and our youngest son Levi, made delicious gluten free Christmas cookies and worked this booth together.

DSC01925-001 (1024x780)

Let's just say they were a hit! People were lining up for these tasty treats.

DSC01926-001 (1024x512) 


DSC01928-001 (1024x768)


DSC01929-001 (1024x718)

This was my booth. I recently became a Thrive Foods and Emergency Preparedness Consultant and I love it! The food is amazing, nutritious, much of it is gluten free and so delicious. If you would like to know more about Thrive you can browse my website.

DSC01931-001 (1024x768)


DSC01932-001 (1024x782)


DSC01933-001 (1024x775)


DSC01934-001 (1024x768)

Our oldest son had his Sticks and Stones Yard Clean Up Booth up and running and he was busy!

DSC01935-001 (1024x780)

DSC01936-002 (1024x775)


DSC01937-001 (1024x783)


DSC01938-001 (986x1024)


DSC01939-001 (775x1024)


DSC01940-001 (1024x775)


DSC01941-001 (1024x782)

DSC01942-001 (1024x768)


DSC01943-001 (1024x775)

This was one of the cutest little vendors in the house last night....well there were a few more cuties that arrived to shop with mom or "help" with her booth.

DSC01947-001 (924x1024)

The Share and Telle Booth was a big hit. Kolya is really talented and she and her mom have this business together. They make several unique items including nursing covers for moms with nursing babies. If you would like to know more about Share and Telle's amazing array of beautiful hand crafted items, just use the contact form above. 

DSC01949-001 (1024x778)


DSC01951-001 (1024x769)


DSC01952-001 (1024x775)

Noah's Art Booth Again

DSC01953-001 (1024x775)


DSC01955-001 (925x1024)

A few more of Kolya's Creations (Share and Telle)

DSC01957-001 (1024x775)


DSC01958-001 (1018x1024)


DSC01959-001 (1024x775)


DSC01960-001 (1024x775)


DSC01961-001 (1024x743)


DSC01962-001 (1024x775)


DSC01963-001 (1024x775)


DSC01964-001 (1024x775)


DSC01965-001 (1024x744)

Christina's doTerra Essential oils were wonderful. She had the diffuser going and the house smelled amazing!

DSC01966-001 (775x1024)


DSC01967-001 (1009x1024)

Our daughter Brandi, makes these beautiful, unique headbands for little girls. You can order through the contact form, if you are interested. They are $10.00 a piece.

 DSC01969-001 (994x1024)


DSC01968-001 (1024x775)


DSC01970-001 (1024x991)

Just before the shoppers arrived

DSC01971-001 (1024x775)

Jenn makes beautiful aprons. She custom made one for me and I love it. I had her custom make some for my girls too and we use them all the time. Some of them have big pockets. Some don't. Some are full and some just go around the waist. She does amazing work! If you can visit her Etsy Store.

DSC01972-001 (1024x775)

Kolya and her Mom setting up

DSC01973-001 (1024x775)

DSC01974-001 (1024x775)


DSC01975-001 (1024x775)

Levi working the cookie booth!

DSC01976-001 (1024x758)

Mary Poppins herself!

DSC01977-001 (1024x751)

The Artist!

DSC01978-001 (1024x775)


DSC01980-001 (1024x777)


DSC01981-001 (1024x775)


DSC01982-001 (1024x937)

Jenn of Jenn's Aprons

DSC01983-001 (1024x802)


DSC01984-001 (1024x775)

Below are the nursing covers from Share and Telle

DSC01985-001 (775x1024)


DSC01986-001 (1024x775)

Somehow I missed pictures of Brandi, Jodi and Adrienne.

This was such a fun night. It was a lot of work for the kids and me, we had fun, and there was plenty of great opportunity for learning on various levels such as  how to highlight personal skills and interests, marketing, art, investing into each of their businesses, etc. We made several trips to the dollar store and they used their own resources to furnish their tables. It was really fun to see their creativity come out.

As parents, we are always thinking about the future and how to equip our children to the best of our abilities. This was just one of those ways to work along side each other and encourage them in their interests and skills. We're looking forward to many more possibilities similar to this over the next few years.


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