Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving From Our Home To Yours

My nine year old son drew this little minion picture. There are many days I really relate well to this and today is one of them. It's one of those days when a pair of sweats, a hoody, and some nice, thick, warm, socks are just my style.

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It's been a good week. A productive week and we have had much more time at home than usual. I love weeks like this. We've also had colds, which is why we have been home more, but at least we're not writhing in misery.

On Monday our daughter Brandi brought five of our sweet grandblessings over. The kids all did school together. I got to enjoy our two youngest grandsons in the rocking chair by the fire while Brandi was helping her kids through their schooling. It was so nice. I love that snuggle time with my grandkiddos. There's nothing like it! My youngest grandson Cooper, who is eighteen months old, after I kissed him and told him I love him said "I love you too!" It was the first time he said that to me and it was so sweet. Made my day and then some.

We baked some healthy, gluten free pies for Thanksgiving. Everyone got involved and it was a lot of fun. We made tacos with grass fed beef for lunch and a big salad to go with them.

The kids had a great time playing all afternoon after we finished baking and I think they even watched a Christmas movie or two.

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Levi our youngest (in the green shirt) all snuggled up with his nieces and nephews for a movie.

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Brandi and I rolled our sleeves up and made some changes to our house so we are making much better use of the space we have. I love the changes and so does everyone else! We took the love seat out of our master bedroom and put it in the den with the ottomans. Now we have a nice, cozy space in there for book reading, or movie watching. We took the toys out of the boys' room and condensed them down to one bin which now resides in the den, so kids can play, read books, or watch movies in there.  In the boys' room, I emptied out the beautiful toy chest our son-in-law, Kevin made and repurposed it. It is now in the living room and is the perfect chest for storing blankets. I moved the small rocking chair and a lamp table into our bedroom which gives us a cozy place to sit and sip tea while we read. With the love seat gone and the smaller chair in there, the room feels so much bigger!

A few weeks ago our youngest son turned eight. Brandi and I surprised him and took him and Kyran out to lunch and then out shopping where he got to spend his birthday money. Kyran came home afterwards and spent the night. I snapped a few pictures of all the boys before church the next morning. They are getting so tall and handsome!

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Today the kids and I will be making gluten free stuffing, another pie or two, and we'll be working on a few more Thanksgiving dinner preparations. We are going over to Kevin and Brandi's for dinner and looking forward to it. It will be the first time in four years we have spent Thanksgiving together. With so much family in the area for the kids, they have to spread themselves out a bit which has given us opportunity to enjoy holidays with friends who don't have family here. We are looking forward to the day with the kids and grandkiddos tomorrow. What are you doing for Thanksgiving? What's your favorite Thanksgiving tradition? I love Thanksgiving day and the yummy food. I take a break from my strict diet to enjoy some extra special traditions. The day after Thanksgiving our family's tradition is to go cut a tree and decorate the house for Christmas and we always enjoy turkey leftovers.

I think I'll bring a vegan turkey tomorrow (GRIN)

Thanksgiving turkey fruit

Happy Thanksgiving!

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