Monday, January 5, 2015

Trim and Thriving Mexican Chicken Taco Soup

Recently I wrote this post about thyroid issues I have been experiencing. Since then, I have been doing a lot of research, digging into my Bible to find out what God has to say about food, and I have spent a lot of time talking to Him about my health and fitness journey. For Christmas I received a couple of books that have been great tools in this learning process and combining the new way of cooking and eating with healthy Thrive foods is turning out to be very satisfying, fulfilling and hopefully healing. Time will tell.

In one of my new books I found a recipe that I ended up tweaking a bit, to include Thrive foods and to fit our family's needs and tastes. It is super delicious, satisfying, and full of nutrition. I found the original recipe in the Trim Healthy Mama book and chose to combine it with Thrive ingredients. It's definitely a keeper......makes the taste buds pop with pleasure!

To your crock pot, add the amount of chicken breasts that fits your family size. Season with Himalayan (pink) or pure Celtic sea salt, fresh, ground pepper, and garlic powder. Add Thrive salsa to taste (we were out this time, so I used organic salsa from Costco), Thrive tomatoes (or you can use fresh, or sure to get organic tomatoes in cans with no BPA in the lining, though). Add in some Thrive black beans to your liking, Thrive onions, Thrive mixed bell peppers, and some fresh,minced garlic to taste. Now, add in about a half to 3/4 cup of organic chicken broth or you can just use water. Whip up some Thrive sour cream, and refrigerate until dinner is ready. This turns out like a very tasty, slightly spicy, taco soup. I can't even describe how delicious it is!

This recipe is gluten free, organic, sugar free, chemical free....packed full of vitamins and nutrition. Our kids were satisfied until the next meal, which says a lot. Win/win for this mama!





DSC02695 (1024x768)


DSC02696 (1024x775)

The next day, the soup part was gone, but there were two chicken breasts left, so I heated them in the oven and whipped up some delicious guacamole with mashed avocado, salsa, and lots of fresh minced garlic, put a nice, big, salad together, packed with great Thrive veggies including corn, Thrive broccoli, Thrive peas, along with more Thrive black beans (re=hydrated) and topped the salad with the chicken breasts, guacamole, and more salsa. I finished it off by adding a nice big, dollop of Thrive sour cream to the top. Incredible!

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