Friday, January 9, 2015

Whose Agenda Is It Anyway?

I had big plans for Monday, and I was excited to begin the first school day of the new year. I was up early, had my coffee with my husband, made a great nutritious breakfast, read my Bible first thing and had a really good prayer time during which I asked the Lord to order my day. In 2015 I have a goal to be more intentional with the way I spend my time and with the way I relate to the kids. I want to really plug in first thing in the morning with our Bible time together and our connection time afterwards consistently. Everything went according to plan until right after breakfast, coffee and our devotional/connection time. The kids and I had some thought provoking, probing and revealing conversations (my favorite kind) and I was excited to break out the school books, correct some tests for my two littlest men, and sit by the fire reading together from "Little House On the Prairie." After that the plan was to crack open each of their books and work individually with them to make sure they were on track understanding all of the concepts in each subject. For P.E. I planned to take the boys and our Golden Girl Tessa, for a good, brisk walk in the fresh, cool air.

Things didn't exactly go as planned on Monday. At least not according to my plan. As I was stepping into the shower, Christine emerged from her room and announced that she needed a ride over to the Griffin's house. One of the ladies she babysits for was in labor and Christine had agreed to help with her four kids over at the Griffin's while their mom had the baby. So.....switching gears completely was on the agenda.

There was a torrential downpour happening outside that morning. Reports of flooding, mud slides, and evacuations were in the news and as I was preparing to leave, I noticed that a backhoe was in the process of unloading down at the neighbor's house where they are getting ready to re-build after a house fire last year. Our driveway was completely blocked. Honestly I was slightly annoyed because I didn't want to have to leave my little nest in the first place and now it appeared that doing so was going to be another challenge to my morning. As I gazed out the rain drenched window, the temptation to complain about the whole morning, including the blocked driveway was strong but by the grace of God, I didn't. I felt peace as I whispered a prayer, asking God to give me the right attitude and chose not to focus on the blocked driveway or what to do about it,  and instead took my time getting ready, praying that by the time I needed to walk out the door the driveway would be clear. I realized in that moment that I had asked God to order my day, yet I was still holding onto my agenda and suddenly I felt this huge release of pent up energy as I opened my tightly clenched fists and handed the day back to God....again. The backhoe was still at the foot of our small driveway that connects to our long gravel driveway, but the operator kindly swiveled around so I could get past him. As I slowly made my way down the gravel driveway, the rain was pummeling the car so hard and I could see there was a serious danger of our gravel driveway washing away. I said a silent prayer for our little road and continued on.

Can I just stop right here and say that God really amazes me? When I asked Him to order my day, well....He did and not only that, but He took care of what could have been a disaster for us before we even realized the potential for it on that day.  When I returned home, the backhoe was still on our gravel road and blocking my ability to get to my driveway, but as I slowly drove towards it along our gravel road I saw something incredible. These men were digging trenches to allow the rain water to drain off the road and it literally saved our driveway. God knew the need before the storm and He had it completely under control. The chances of them coming out on that that weather....and taking care of the road before we even realized the just how great the need was, completely humbled me. We knew the road needed to have some attention, but not to the extent that a wash out was a threat or danger. I had been so tempted to grumble about my dashed plans for the day, but I'm really thankful I didn't give into that. Once again, the backhoe operator swiveled out of the way so I could get home.

The boys and I didn't do any book work that day, but we did have some excellent conversations and we did do some cooking together. We didn't get our walk in that day, but we worked side by side for the rest of the day taking care of puppies, doing laundry, and we worked on life skills together which are just as important as academics. There were some attitudes that I wouldn't have noticed if we had been in the middle of academics. I was able to give attention and take time to really talk with my boys....probe their hearts and help them understand the why behind the actions and attitudes. We had some good conversations that day that I'm so glad I didn't miss. God's plans are always so much better than mine. Mine weren't bad plans. They were good, but He knew there were some more pressing matters that needed to be addressed and He faithfully took care of it all.

The following morning we did take that walk and it was amazing. The sun was shining, the air was warm, and we spent about an hour out with Tessa enjoying the beautiful weather and some great exercise. We spent the rest of the week organizing the house, making things more doable with the set up for puppies and cooking plenty of good, nutritious food. The books needed to wait and that's okay. The kids still learned important skills this week.....different than book work and that's one of the reasons I love home school so much. We have the capacity to be flexible as needed and that flexibility provides opportunity for growth in other areas.

levi walking tessa


driveway view



neighbor goats





winter view on our driveway



levi walks tessa



levi skipped a rock


levi skipping rocks


Levi rocks


elk haven mountains




Levi tessa eyes




Noah and Tessa


Tessa, Levi smiles


Noah Tessa


levi tessa fave

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