Saturday, March 21, 2015

Embracing Change

It's been a crazy week of change for our household and we all seem to be adjusting pretty well.

We changed up how we are doing our academic schedule. We got out dishwasher repaired and if you listen carefully, you may actually be able to hear an audible sigh of relief coming from yours truly. I got my hair cut and I gave my hair dresser free reign to change up the style a bit according to what she thought would be a good switch for me. She did a great job. It's easy, and it works well for my lifestyle. I really like my hair dresser. Not only does she do a fantastic job with my hair, but she is a long time friend as well.

I gave all three of my boys fresh hair cuts today, went to the library and brought home a bag of new books, and bottled up seven new gallons of kombucha (41 bottles to be exact). Natalie had piano adjudications on Wednesday and now she has brand new music. It's a nice change to hear her playing some new pieces again.

I started a new workout routine and on Monday we get to welcome a little three (almost four) year old sweetheart into our home for a couple of days a week. We are all looking forward to having Vickie Sue here with us.

Since I always have some kind of picture in my posts, I guess I'll slip in a picture of the new "do."



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