Sunday, May 24, 2015

Beach Fun With Friends



Excessive photo alert!!!!
Last night we met up with several families from our church, at a local beach to roast hot dogs, s'mores, and eat whatever other tasty vittles that made their way to the picnic tables.
*** Side note***
Quinoa chicken salad and deviled eggs, with skinny chocolate for dessert worked for me! When you can't have some things, you can have others! YUM!
There were some football games, baseball games, Frisbee games, a few walkers, beach combers, crab searchers, a campfire and some great laughs.
The weather was beautiful!
I took way too many pictures so if you can't handle a million pictures of people enjoying life, sunsets, beach scenes, and cute little faces, you should probably just stop here.

Foot ball huddle


And huddle number two!





 Book Worms













"Look at this GIANT rock we found!"






 Some baseball players



Campfire girls







Beautiful mamas, beautiful babies, and a beautiful sunset!













Some beach walkers




S'more Time!

The sky was amazing last night. It seemed that every few minutes a new picture lit up the sky with different and brilliant colors. And yes....I had to capture every. single. change.

















Charlie's Angels
Or not!






























Debby and her redneck roasting method















We said good-bye to some very dear friends who moved across the country a few days ago. Last night, celebrating life with these friends that are still here, was like a healing balm to my soul.
Thanking God though the lens of my camera once again.

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