Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Fat Stripping Frappas and A Few More Things

It's a brand new day!
Yesterday I posted about my war on low thyroid.
I'm so glad I did because several people notified me that they struggle with the same thing. We are in this together and I felt encouraged after reading comments on FB and here.
Thanks to Lisa for reminding me of the Fat Stripping Frappa from Trim Healthy Mama!
I had it for breakfast. It's delicious, satisfying, and full of great nutrition.

I think this will be my meal of choice at least once a day for a while. I already enjoy a nutrition rich Shakeology for a meal, so that's two, really easy, protein packed meals with great nutrition and an awesome energy punch.
Since my body reacts to soy and sodium, I am excited about this product I found at our local food co-op. I made some pan fried wild salmon the other day and seasoned it with coconut aminos and lemon juice. It was scrumptious! So...if you need to stay away from soy, I highly recommend coconut aminos as a substitute!

One last thing
Yesterday after I completed my workout, I walked into the living room and came upon this beautiful scene. He was reading her new "Frozen" book to her.
It's the little things, you know? Frozen is not his favorite, but he was sweetly reading it to her, because she asked him to. He's growing up and I have mixed feelings about that.

Today is a new day.
Be encouraged.
Embrace the beauty of the moment and remember, each moment is an opportunity for a brand new start.

Blessings and Happy Wednesday to you all!

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