Monday, May 11, 2015

Five Educational Activities A Pre-schooler Can Do Independantly

We haven't had a pre-school age child in our home on a regular basis for over five years, so when Vickie began to join us a couple of days a week, I wanted to provide some fun, simple, educational, activities that she is capable of accomplishing independently while I oversee the other kids during math and English classes.
My daughter Brandi, has an amazing home school room that's literally bursting with precisely the type of scholastic theme I was seeking out.
We had a great time exploring ideas and as we examined the varying possibilities, I created a list of supplies we would need in order to provide the perfect blend of education and play time activities.
Excited with a plethora of ideas, I couldn't wait to share them with Vickie's Mom Kriss, who immediately attacked the list and provided most of it within a few days. Thanks Kriss!
Vickie's eyes light up with pleasure each time I pull out one of these activities and her ability to focus for lengthy periods of time is greater than usual. It's amazing what a little fun can do for an educational experience!
Our eight year old son enjoys most of these activities as well!
Levi and Vickie pulled out the checkers game and he began teaching her the basic rules today. This entertained them for quite a while, although I think it's still just slightly above her level. I just had to highlight the flowers I brought home from our ladies night the other night. Aren't they pretty?
Kriss provided four wooden puzzles and they spend quite a bit of time putting these together.

It's really quite surprising how many different ways dominoes can entertain kids. Today they were cookies. Vickie "baked" two different kinds of domino cookies and wanted everyone to try the ones she made with "honey."

Another puzzle picture
Stringing beads is excellent for fine motor skills and is very entertaining for preschoolers.  Today she made a necklace and was so proud of her accomplishment. Problem solving is a skill she learned through beading today. The beads kept slipping off because she couldn't manage both ends of the string at once. She came up with the idea to tape one end of the string to the table so she could hold the other end for beading. Brilliant kiddo! It worked perfectly.

Check out the intense concentration on this girl's face!

Tada! Doesn't she look stunning in her new necklace?
Tying laces
Vickie's Mom Kriss, came up with this shoebox and lace idea, and it's awesome! Every morning, Vickie asks first thing if she can practice tying shoe laces.
After all that fun, a girl needs some time to chill with her blanket, right?
I think she earned it!

If you have preschool age kiddos and are seeking more ideas, stay tuned for more posts on this subject in the future. Hopefully some of these will be helpful for now. :)

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