Saturday, May 16, 2015

Help! Does Anyone Have A Green Thumb?

When we bought our house seven years ago, it was raw land.
The house was brand new, but the entire inside was painted with white, flat paint. We literally had to paint every wall in the house. This was top priority for five reasons and they ranged in age (at that time) from one year to eight years old.
Visions of permanent finger prints on the walls motivated us to paint immediately. 
After that, the next priority was to put a yard in and this rapidly became high priority after living with dirt and mud for an entire spring and summer with the same five reasons that motivated us to paint the walls.
. Before we could even put a yard in, though, we needed to add a water softening system so we could drink water, shower, know, all the simple little things people like to do with water.
There were some trees near that house that posed a threat to our well being and they had to be removed. A huge stump has enjoyed its residence to the left of our driveway for a few years now, but the tree seems to be determined to grow back. Our dear friend Dan, came out and brought his stump grinder for us to rent for a few days, so today Rich and Levi have been out there working all day long, grinding up that stump and moving the debris.
Last night we went to a home group facilitators appreciation dinner at our church and sat with some long time friends of ours who enjoy reaping the benefits of the gleaners, along with us. He drives a delivery truck for them and they informed us that a seriously huge load of plants was scheduled for delivery this morning. What plants didn't get taken to new homes, would sadly be thrown out. The timing couldn't be more perfect.
Our oldest son Tim, and I headed out on our plant adoption expedition this morning, while Rich and Levi continued the work of eradicating the remains of that huge stump. We have envisioned re-purposing the former stump house into a beautiful, simple flower garden, and possibly creating some flower beds below the kitchen window and at the entrance to the driveway.
This is another story of God's provision. I brought home an entire mini van full of flowers/ground cover today. I'm ridiculously excited and can't wait to plant.


There's just one problem.
We are not green thumbs.
 I am the research committee and I have my work cut out for me since I do not know anything about plants and flower gardening.
I had to ask what each one is and I still don't remember what all of them are.
Consequently, I need some advice as to how to lay out our new flower beds/garden area from someone who knows what they are and where they like to live, how far apart to space them etc.
This is what we have.
Would anyone like to come out and point us in the right planning direction? Please? (BIG CHEESY GRIN).



I decided to take pictures of the whole process, but I forgot to capture the old stump before the majority of it was gone.
I love watching these hard working guys!









Is there anyone reading this, that is just chomping at the bit to come order us around and tell us what to do with these beautiful plants?  I'll feed you in exchange for your expert advice. I'll even throw in a cup of coffee, tea, ice tea.....whatever you fancy! (insert another BIG CHEESEY GRIN)
More pictures of this process to come. Stay tuned!

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