Thursday, June 18, 2015

Can You Help Bring Two Orphans Home?

Red Thread of Love
We met this beautiful family on-line, through some dear friends of ours who adopted Kya from China on the same trip John and Cindy adopted their sweet little Elyana.
Last year when Kya died, Cindy created the most beautiful video in remembrance of Kya, for a gift to the Keen family. It was played at the memorial service and served to soothe the hearts of the grieving Keen family long after they laid Kya to rest.  It is a priceless gift of love, and it is one we continue watching whenever we think of sweet little Kya Bear.
We have an opportunity to bless Cindy and her family now.
The Sparks family is currently in the process of adopting two more little boys.
I am re-posting from Cindy's blog.
It's a beautiful post, and if you feel so lead to give.....through prayer or financially, or by simply spreading the word to others, this is an amazing opportunity!
Please take the time to read about
Blessings to you!

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