Sunday, June 21, 2015

Celebrating All The Dads In My Life

Today we celebrated Father's Day.
As I sat in my chair thinking about my Dad this morning, I realized once again that I have been very blessed.
I have an amazing Dad who is loving, hard working, hilarious, fun, kind, and very young at heart.
He is an excellent grandpa, and as a Dad, he always told me he loved me, and showed that love by working hard to support our family, giving us plenty of affection, playing with us, teaching us, planning fun family camp outs and vacations, disciplining us, instilling in us a strong work ethic, and responsibility for ourselves and our actions,  teaching us to love others, be respectful of rules, other people's belongings, and of him and my Mom.  He provided us with bicycles and taught us how to ride them, and then gave us the freedom to ride around the neighborhood.  He and Mom provided necessary boundaries, and they were consistent in lovingly holding those boundaries. My Dad gave us the gift of setting an amazing example for marriage by loving my mom through the good times and bad, in sickness and in health, and supporting her in her role as wife and mother. He cheerfully helped with kitchen clean up, vacuuming, laundry.....whatever was needed while they were raising four children. He often came home after a long day at work, and spent time playing with the four of us while she put the finishing touches on dinner. They were a team, and they still are.  The best gift my Dad gave us kids, was to take us to church and teach us about Jesus. We felt loved there, made lifelong friends, learned the scriptures, and adopted many "second moms and dads" there.  We went to family camps in the summer, Dad and Mom both sang in the choir, we children sang in children's choir, we were constantly doing fun and exciting things with other families in the church, and I can remember evenings with Dad, rocking me in the old, gold, rocking chair, while answering my endless questions about the Bible and eternity. 
I miss my Dad. He lives so far away now, that we rarely see each other.
I love watching him with my children and grandchildren. He has always loved babies and kids of all ages, and is so wonderful with them.

My precious parents

Another amazing dad in my life, is my sweet husband.
He is actually very much like my own Dad in many ways. He has an excellent sense of humor, loves me with a priceless loyalty, supports me in my interests, and in my role as wife and mom. He cheerfully helps out with kitchen clean up, and takes care of all the outside responsibilities, cars, etc.  He loves teaching our kids, and spending time with them.  He is a hard worker, and takes excellent care of us, setting an example for our kids that is priceless.  He has set a standard for strong work ethics, personal responsibility, financial responsibility, good stewardship of all we've been provided with, and he is respectful of me, as their mother.
He is committed to taking the family to church, and being involved there. The kids often ask him the tough questions about their faith, and the difficult things they struggle with. He patiently helps them explore these areas.
He's the math whiz in the family.
He has done a great job, even after a hectic, and stressful day at work, of coming home and helping them with tough math home work.
He is not perfect, and we've been through some tough times and struggles, but we are two imperfect people who are perfect for each other.
Rich, I love you more than words can express.
Happy Father's Day, Honey!






An old family picture
I love grandparenting with you, Rich. <3
We've added a few more grandbabies since these pictures were taken, but these are the most recent ones of the two of us with the majority of our grandblessings.

Us with our newest granddaughter, Marlee
We have a total of eight grandkiddos with number nine in the oven. Each of our grandchildren have dads that love them and are very involved in their lives.
Kevin has taught his children strong work ethics, not to give up when the going gets tough, to admit when they are wrong, to respect and love their mother, to respect and love each other, and he is wonderful about giving their mom breaks when she needs to get away. He supports her as a wife and mom, and he supports her in her doula business, picking up the extra slack while she is away at a birth.  He plays with his kids, cuddles them, and gives them security. He, too, believes that taking the family to church and being involved there is a priority. He and Brandi pray with their kids, and make teaching them the truths of the Bible, a priority.
Happy Father's Day, Kevin!  We love you and we're thankful for you.

Micah is a very involved dad, who genuinely loves his kids. He works hard to support them, and cares for them deeply.
We're thankful that all of our grandchildren have dads that really love and care for them.
Happy Father's Day, Micah!



Marlee's Dad, David,  is celebrating his very first Father's Day today.
He is such a sweet dad to her and to her older siblings.
He is kind to their mother, patient, and gentle. He takes time to teach the kids, and to show them they are important. He obviously really enjoys being a dad.
Happy Father's Day, David!


This picture cracks me up. It appears they wore each other out, because you'd have to be really wiped out to sleep like That!

My Father-in-law, John is another dad in our lives that we are truly grateful for.
He and Julie, raised a wonderful son.
John came up and spent Father's Day with us today, and we had a fantastic visit.
I splurged a little on some Copper River Salmon, and the kids bought ice cream for dessert.

John brought these flowers for me.
We took some three generational pictures out in the yard.
It was kinda tough getting all of these crazies to settle down for a good picture, but I think the imperfect ones are the best.
Happy Father's Day, John!
We love you

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