Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Summer Vacation Part I

Vacation Part I
Vacation started when my husband walked through the door after work on Friday.
It began with a visit from two of our adorable little grandkiddos, who spent the night and hung out with us until Saturday night. We barbecued, did art, ate delicious food, they jumped on the trampoline, explored the woods, snuggled up with us for movies, played in the pool, and we had a great time. Unfortunately, those pictures were taken with my I-Phone, which I haven't managed to upload to the P.C.
On Sunday afternoon, our fun and amazing friends came to visit from Florida. We had such a fantastic time together. Some mutual friends came out for a barbecue that afternoon, and it was so fun to all be together again, and to finally meet our friend Dan's wife, Beverly, in person!
Our cameras were busy all week-end long, documenting memories.
We live in such a beautiful area. On Monday we headed out for a lovely drive, did a little light hiking in flip-flops....that's how tough it was (wink), and landed on a beautiful beach to play and enjoy some food together.
The views from Mount Eerie are spectacular!















Our ten year old son took the next two pictures. He did an amazing job!





Beverly and I stood hugging in the warm sun for a little longer than expected while Dan struggled with the settings on his camera. It was a "bonding" hour  moment like no other. We feel like Siamese sisters after that. :)
Rich took these on our camera.


 The whole gang!
With three teens in the house, we often have just the two younger boys with us on outings. We sure miss our older three on days like this.
Deception Pass Bridge
The views of the San Juan Islands from this bridge are beautiful.

























 Our little ham!

What flavor of ice cream do you think he had? Any guesses?







 Both of our boys did a great job with the camera



 The sun was just a bit bright....


 The wildflowers were amazing



The beaches out here are so pretty, and this one is my favorite. You have the option of playing in the ocean waves, and swimming in salt water, or swimming in the clear water lake on the other side of the sand bar.
Our kids love both and so did I when I was growing up.
I have many childhood memories playing on this beach with my brothers and our friends. Mom took us out here every summer, and we always stopped for ice cream bars on the way home.
The boys met a friend and made a make-shift teeter totter.


 I could take pictures of my kids playing in the water and on the beach forever....and I kinda did that. :)












Jumping waves is my favorite summer time activity.
I think the boys agree. :)




 Our youngest son and I took a little walk and snapped a few more pictures.










I love the sound of the waves crashing against the shore. It's so beautiful and peaceful.
Lake side


















Saturday afternoon barbecue with the Gleseners and Lawerences
We have made so many memories with these people over the years.
Love them like family!



When it comes to stirring coffee, Beverly knows how to get it done.
All you need is a gargantuan spoon. :)
And a couple of fun pics of the boys out at Mount Eerie

Stay tuned for Part II of Vacation, coming up soon!


  1. Gorgeous photos! I'm now feeling the compulsion to come and see that beautiful area myself. :)

    1. Lisa, you guys should totally come visit! We have a guest bedroom and would love to have you. :)

    2. Lord willing, we can do that one day!

  2. I just looked at this post again with Tabby - she loves photography. So many of these pictures are "postcard worthy." :) Colors are brilliant. We wanted to know what kind of camera you have?

    1. Thank you so much, Lisa! I just have a simple high definition point and shoot camera, and a very user friendly editor. :) It's a Sony HD Exmore R. I love it because it's simple, easy, and allows me to take high definition video with the ability to zoom. It's small and easy to pack around, too. I would eventually LOVE to invest in some high quality equipment, lighting, etc. I have done one wedding and it did very well....but I would enjoy so much, to have some great equipment for indoor pictures. :)

    2. Wow - we're impressed. I have a Nikon Coolpix L610 and have been so unhappy with it. (Bought it after my wonderful Kodak died.) Outdoor pics can be ok, but indoor pics are TERRIBLE.
      How does your camera do indoors?

    3. P.S. We also are wondering, what photo editing program you use? Thanks! :)

    4. My camera does okay indoors. Sometimes it's awesome, but there are times when it just isn't that great. Overall, it's a really good camera, for a simple, basic one. I use Picasa, most of the time, for editing. Once in a while I use picmonkey. :) Natalie wants to know if Tabby can talk on the phone Saturday afternoon. :)

    5. We have Picasa - I just haven't messed with the editing part much. But Tabby is good with it - and Picmonkey.
      And yes, she can talk anytime Saturday afternoon! :)

    6. Okay, I'll tell Natalie. Picasa is really user friendly. I really enjoy playing with it and layering. It's a lot of fun! :)