Thursday, June 18, 2015

Summer Vacation Part II At Grandpa's House

Yesterday we packed up three of the kiddos and headed down the road to visit their Grandpa.
It was another gorgeous, sunny day.
Perfect weather for a little fishing and swimming off of Grandpa's dock.
Sadly, two of our kiddos missed out on this trip. They were feeling a little under the weather. Hopefully we will be able to make the trip down there again soon., and they will be able to join us.
As always, my camera was busy doing an essential assignment as it snapped away, carefully documenting precious moments in time.
I actually took this shot right before we left to head home. The sun was amazing last night in its array of brilliant light.  God's artistry never ceases to amaze me.

The rest of these were shot at various moments throughout the day.
Grandpa built an enchanting little pond and the kids enjoyed observing the beautiful fish swimming around amongst the Lilly pads.


 They loved spending time with their Grandpa,. learning about how he built the pond,. and about the different fish he stocked it with.

His pal Molly, is such a sweetie.


Catching Skeeter Skimmers

Grandpa showed the boys the bio filter and the pump, for the pond.

His yard is beautiful!

This is the lake and dock where my husband made many wonderful childhood memories as he raced to the end of the dock on hot summer days and enjoyed diving into the cool, refreshing, water.
Fourth of July celebrations were held every summer with family and friends, and there were loads of fireworks which sometimes included a professional display.

What a blessing for our own children to have the opportunity to play at their Dad's childhood home, and make memories of their own swimming and fishing with their Dad and Grandpa.







The beautiful bridge Rich's Dad built over the pond.








Natalie enjoyed an afternoon of peace and quiet in Grandpa's kitchen working on her book, and then wandered down to the dock to enjoy the sunshine and water with us.

Either she found something to be rather amusing, or she was hiding from the camera.  Any guesses as to which one is the truth?



Three generations sitting together on Grandpa's dock, fishing on a summer afternoon.
And one last picture of our lovely daughter!
Stay tuned for Day Four of our vacation!
Blessings to you,

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