Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Three Teens And The End Of An Era

It's Official!
Three out of our five kids still living at home, are now in high school.
Graduation Sunday
One of the things I love about our church is the way they honor graduates at the end of each school year. They have done this ever since I can remember. I recall being one of those graduates from both the eighth grade, and high school.
Eighth grade graduates receive nice Bibles.
I still have mine, and it was such a pleasure to see our oldest son receive his on Sunday.
We have a wonderful youth pastor in Eric and a fantastic youth staff, as well.. Eric and his wife, Danica, along with the youth group staff, genuinely care about each one of the kids they minister to. The junior high kids are blessed with fantastic leadership between the youth pastor and Scott Taylor, who teaches the Sunday School class and works alongside Eric with the junior high youth group.
On graduation Sunday, the youth lead worship and they do such a beautiful job. There are many musically gifted young people in our church, and it is exciting to see them use their talent to bless others, and to see them genuinely enjoy using their gifts for ministry.
Eric gave a challenging message on Sunday, for all of the graduates, and it was beautifully relevant for the rest of us, as well.
 The eighth grade class took the stage first


This class is pretty large!


Tim receiving his Bible


Eric, our youth pastor :)

Scott praying for the eighth grade class




 The wonderful youth group staff was honored as well
Some of these staff members have been working with youth for more than ten years and are loved so well by the youth as they have genuinely shown care for them, and mentored many of them in significant ways. Many kids they have worked with often come back as adults and make it a priority to see them and catch up.

Vicky and her husband are a couple who has worked with the youth for over ten years and they were rightly honored on Sunday.

After church, we took the boys and one of their friends for a beautiful drive and enjoyed a hike up in the mountains. It was an amazing day.
The girls were busy and unable to join us.
As we hiked and hung out with our guys, I realized that our season of raising girls is winding down rapidly. We only have two years left until our third and fourth daughters graduate from high school. More often now, they are busy with activities of their own, and its just us and the boys.
After nearly thirty year of raising daughters, it's such a strange feeling to be out and about with all males. I'm not sure how I feel about this. It's definitely different and we miss the girls when they aren't with us, but we had a really fun time with our little men and there was a lot of laughter at all of their very entertaining antics.

 We hiked in ninety degree weather and the shade from all of the trees in the woods was so refreshing!


























The scenery was beautiful and kept my camera very busy. :)





































I do believe this guy (below) is the craziest kid out of all of them.






 Foot race in the woods

It was a bit too much for Wyatt, who collapsed at the end of the race

These next few pics are a bit graphic.
NEVER.....ever....let yourself go down in the woods....around these guys.






 It was a busy week-end for our family, and a really good one. I was out of town last week for the birth of my great niece, and returned last Thursday evening. On Friday my honey had the day off, so he and I headed out to the Gleaners, and then got our grocery shopping done. It was nice to get out together. He mowed the lawn and I got all of the groceries unloaded. We spent a relaxing evening together as a family.
On Saturday, I headed out to do a few errands, bright and early. Later on we had our grandson Kyran, overnight and the girls each had friends over. We barbecued steak, hot dogs, and grilled some delicious corn on the cob we got at the gleaners. I made a huge quinoa salad, and a tossed green salad (also made from fresh produce compliments of the gleaners), and we ate some pan friend fresh green beans (also from the gleaners) along with everything else. 
Did you know trampolines make great picnic tables?



This was a little bit disturbing......

Sunshine, family, home.....and friends.
We have much to be grateful for!
Blessings to you,


  1. That really is so nice that your church does that. The outing afterwards looks like it is filled with lovely and fun memories!

    xo amelia

    1. Amelia, it is a really special tradition and especially for some of the kids whose only graduation celebration is the one at the church. The Bible Tim received is an ESV Study Bible. So nice. It's always good to hear from you! <3