Saturday, June 20, 2015

Vacation Post III

Our vacation week is coming to a close.
It's been a wonderful week with the perfect blend of  rest, relaxation, and activity.
We have laughed, explored the area, and caught up with sweet friends from Florida (as well as some  mutual local friends), made memories as a family, made a trip down to see Rich's Dad, where the guys fished and the kids played in the lake, we've eaten delicious food, enjoyed the sunshine and the beauty of God's creation, and last night we had some more precious friends over for a barbecue. We sat outside enjoying a tasty, summer meal, together around the campfire while all of our kids found various locations around the yard in which to consume their meals (and I didn't even get any pictures :( ). We enjoyed some uninterrupted conversation (this is a miracle....just trust me on that) while our fourteen combined kiddos were busy climbing trees, jumping on the trampoline, playing games, etc.
There were a couple of days during the week that included productivity. We took care of some necessary business around the house and out in town. My husband made a great deal of progress on some rather large projects around here. I managed to accomplish quite a bit inside the house and out running necessary errands.
The girls and I got away together for a girls' afternoon out. We made our way to Barnes and Noble where we did a little shopping (I even got a good start on some Christmas shopping...go me!), and we enjoyed iced coffees in the Starbucks coffee shop inside the store.  It was a wonderful afternoon with my girls.


Tomorrow we celebrate Father's Day with Rich, and his Dad is planning to come up for lunch.
Copper River Salmon is on the menu. That's my gift to them.....a delicious, nutritious, salmon meal.
I miss my own Dad. I would love to be able to celebrate with him in person, but a phone call will have to suffice. At least I can still hear his voice and enjoy chatting with him.
Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful, amazing dads out there!
I often wonder what other people do to show the dads in their lives, how special they are.
If you are so inclined to share.....I would love to hear from you!
Blessings to you!

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