Thursday, July 2, 2015

Celebrating Birthdays and Life

Last week I took two of my granddaughters out for froyos for their birthdays.
What a fun time....just the three of us!


The cups they offered for their sweet little treat were more like the size of a small bucket, so the girls split one. They wanted the same flavors and treats in their froyos and the little dividers they provided made it the perfect amount for them. They each grabbed a spoon, dug in, and made short work of finishing off these sweet treats.


The girls wanted to go play at the park, but the one we all wanted to visit, was jam packed with a few thousand (or so it seemed) other people with the same idea, so we headed over to another park where we pretty much had the play area all to ourselves.


Alahna couldn't wait to show us the tree where her Daddy proposed to her Mommy ten years ago.
The girls had a wonderful time playing on that pretty little tree, and Alahna enjoyed sharing the details of her parent's love story with us.
So sweet!







And....we did the traditional "Nama Usies"


When we dropped Alahna off at home, we spent a little time hanging out with the other grandkiddos for a bit, so Kyla could play with her cousins.

There is something really sweet about hanging out with kids. If you haven't gone out for ice cream, or a froyo, or played at a park with children for a while....I recommend stepping back in time with some of the kids in your life. We all played on the swings, ran around, and laughed our heads off. We did silly faces, and told stories, and played "Slug Bug."
This past year, I've made it a goal to be intentional about spending time with each of my children and take the time to enjoy one or two of them by themselves periodically. There's just nothing like it! It's time well spent, and so sweet.
My desire is to spend simple, quality time with them....rather than to lavish expensive gifts on them.
Their birthday froyos weren't expensive, but the fun we had and the memories we made together were priceless! :)


  1. So adorable Jana. ...And you are so correct Jana, spending times getting ice creams and such is what a sweet life and memories is made of. Those precious little angels will always, always, always, remember these times. My daughters remember my step-dad taking them to the gas station for chips and soda, things like that...The little things which equal love which equals time. : )

    You've got it right.

    Love to you dear friend, I've been awol with flooding and problematic internet connection here at home.... I'll be back soon! : ) xo amelia

    1. Amelia, oh no! Are you all okay? We've had the opposite problem here. This is the first time ever.....that I recall having a drought in our area. We usually have an abundance of cool temps and rain during June, and then get summer weather in July and August, but we only got two days of rain in June. It's brown, dry, and fires are starting all over.
      Thank you so much for your sweet comment. You are such a blessing and I always light up when I hear from you! Praying all is well with you and your family! <3