Monday, July 6, 2015

Celebrating Our Independence Part I

Independence Day Week-end Part I
I have been thinking a lot, about freedom.
About OUR  freedom as a nation.
It's something we tend to take for granted because we have never known anything different.
We are accustomed to an amazing way of life, yet, we complain.
We are so blessed to have the freedoms we enjoy in this great country, and to be able to celebrate that with precious friends and a gift.
I'm becoming more aware every day of just how blessed we have been our entire lives, to live in freedom without threats for our safety, and with the ability to speak freely about our personal beliefs, and to live our lives according to those beliefs. I'm so thankful for the people who fought and died for those freedoms....and yet those freedoms that were earned through the blood of courageous who fought hard and gave their lives for them,  are under fire. There is a serious threat to freedom of speech. It used to be that people could agree to disagree, but the tide is turning, and more often now, people are intolerant of a different belief system than the one they embrace and there is an abundance of anger, as people seek to shut the mouths of those who would dare to disagree with them.
How sad.
I wonder how much longer we will be free to come and go. I wonder how much longer we will enjoy free speech. I wonder even, if this will be the last summer we can celebrate Independence day with such independence as we have always known.
The political climate is changing rapidly.
I'm not taking one second of freedom for granted, and I am praying daily, for our country, and for God's continued protection over it, although many hate Him and would disagree that He is the One who has covered this nation and held it in His protective hands since its birth many years ago, when this nation emerged as 
 "One Nation Under God."
I am not living in fear of what is to come, because I believe that God has it all under control, and I know He will cover those who love Him, that He will give us grace and courage to face whatever lies ahead, and that I can rest in that. It is exciting to serve the Living God, and to know Him in a deeply personal way. Because of the peace He gives me, as His child, I am grateful for the many gifts He has bestowed upon me, and one of those gifts is freedom.
For now, we celebrate freedom, and we enjoyed one of THE best July 4th week-ends ever.
How blessed we are.
Our dear friends the Wilsons, spent the week-end with us, and as we prepared lunches and headed out to the beach the other day, I kept thinking about how good we have it here.....that we can freely go places and do things we enjoy.
So. Many. Blessings. To. Count.

Our daughter and five of our grandkiddos joined us. Durenda's daughter, son-in-law, and grandson, who live in the area joined us as well.
The weather was hot, and the water was refreshing.






We all had a great time in the waves

















We barbecued and sat out by the non-existent campfire that night.
There is a burn ban in the area, but we had a great time anyway, and didn't have to fight smoke in our faces.
These kids have known each other ever since they can remember. 

We ended a beautiful day with some R&R and a movie.
Stay tuned for Independence Day, Part II!


  1. Jana, I love that pic of you! Your expression is so adorable. *love*

    1. Hi Amelia! <3
      Thank you! Your comment blessed me, as it's not really a favorite picture of me, but I love that it is a picture with a very dear friend, and it does capture the fun we were having that day. :)