Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Independence Day Part III-The Actual Fourth of July Celebrations!

 Independence Day Part III
This year the kids really wanted to switch things up a bit. We have done essentially the same thing every year for the past seven years, and it was admittedly, rather refreshing to do something different.
We enjoyed a slow morning with the Wilsons, eating a delicious breakfast of Greek Yogurt Parfaits, and sipping loads of delicious, organic, coffee.
They left ahead of us, to do their own Independence Day activities, and we took our time packing up food, and family.
First stop, was for a brief, but fun visit with some sweet people from the church we used to attend, about 45 minutes from our home.
Next up, we headed out to our adopted parents/grandparents in the area, and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon and evening with them.  They live on a bluff overlooking the beautiful sound. We all took a little hike down to the beach, and enjoyed the beauty and cool, refreshing air of the ocean with it's sweet, soft, summer breeze.
My camera was on the job, all afternoon and evening.


 Can you spot the NORMAL people in these next two?


 Don took over the camera so I could jump in the picture. :)

 The scenery was breathtakingly beautiful and we savored a very relaxing time on the beach, exploring, snapping pictures, and enjoying each other's company.



















































 We said good-bye to the beach and hiked back up to Don and Janet's house for a delicious meal.
Janet thought of everything and even had gluten free hamburger buns for us!






 she had beautiful decorations gracing her home for the holiday


 Grandpa Don and Grandma Janet made the day extra special and fun for all of us!

 The view from their kitchen window....I could have just stood their looking at the gorgeous scenery, all day.

 The resident crazies  barbecuing crew.


 The food was actually really good, in spite of the cooks and we had full confidence in these guys.

 Their dining room view was so beautiful. If it had been a little bit cooler, I would have chosen outdoor dining.


 The indoor dining was beautiful too, though. :)



 Don was the resident ice cream scooper.....YUM!





 The foyer is beautiful, with perfect acoustics for a piano concert. Natalie played for us a little. What a treat!


 After the clean up crew finished in the kitchen, we jumped in our vehicles and headed down to the city beach for the evening.
The boys played a little Frisbee on the beach.


 We reserved our spot for the evening firework display

 Meanwhile, the boys lost the Frisbee in the water, but Don was the hero of the day, and managed to successfully fish it out of the water.





 We decided we needed a very LARGE coffee to make it through the evening, after several late nights in a row, so we walked down the beach and found ourselves in line for a 20 ounce Americano. It did the trick!
Off for some carnival rides now.
This picture is for Tabby Hallowell.  I took it after I told Natalie I saw Ed Sheeran in the crowd. :)


 Waiting in line for the Ferris Wheel
 The kids were really nervous about the big, scary, Ferris Wheel....including the photo bombers in the back!

 My precious Janet and me. 
 She was the anchor God sent me when I went through a really rough time about nineteen years ago, and she was the matron of honor in our wedding, my local mom, and the wedding coordinator extraordinaire, as well as hostess for our reception, along with her amazing husband.

 After a great time at the carnival, we walked back down the beach, and snuggled up in our chairs for the beautiful fireworks display.

 Thank you, Don and Janet, for such an amazing time.
We love you guys!
Counting my blessings.....always.



  1. Washington looks like such a beautiful place to live! What a fun day you all had and I will show Tabby the special picture for her when she wakes up this morning. Ha! She saw a guy at the fireworks show we went to that she thought looked a bit like Ed and said "I can't wait to tell Natalie!"

    1. Oh Lisa, It really is beautiful! It's wonderful that we don't have to travel far to enjoy vacation. So, did Tabby creep this guy out and get his picture? :) I hope you guys had a good fourth. I need to catch up on your blog. I have had so many pictures to edit and upload, it's all I've had time for, lol. When I get behind on pics, it takes a long time!
      Good to hear from you! I'll tell Natalie you are passing along the picture for her.

    2. LOL - they both looked at each other and smiled both the times we passed him. Then Tabby kept nagging me to get closer to him so she could sneak and take a picture. It didn't happen though.
      I would love to hear how you handle photos. Mine are out of hand and I need to get at least some printed and into albums. It's just so overwhelming. Maybe you could do a post if you have a good method! :)
      I'm going to reply to your comment on my blog now.

    3. Haha, that's really quite funny. It would have been fun to see his reaction if she had actually done it! No, I really don't even print my pictures, unless I plan on framing and hanging them. I keep them in files on my computer. That way we can look at them easily without having to store cumbersome photo albums. :)