Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Cheaper By The Dozen?

Last week we welcomed a beautiful litter of puppies into our home.
Our girl NCG's Awrey Fowl Weather Friend (Dallas) was bred with Limelite's Fly’n At The Speed Of Sound, BISS (Sonic) and together they produced a litter of gorgeous, robust puppies!
There is just nothing like the excitement of imminent whelping. For a couple of weeks prior to the due date I get busy catching a baseline temp for Dallas and continue to take her temp daily a couple of times a day until closer to puppy arrival. At that point I begin taking her temperature every two hours and it is so thrilling when we finally see her temp drop and we know labor is going to begin very soon.
My husband built a beautiful whelping box for our last litter and had it all set up about two weeks prior to the due date. We had all of the supplies ready to go in the room, and allowed Dallas plenty of time to enjoy her den and do some nesting in there.
On Tuesday of last week I was busy taking temps every two hours throughout the day. Her temperature was incrementally dropping all day long, so we were pretty sure she would begin labor on Wednesday. Early on Wednesday morning it dropped significantly.  By 1:30 that afternoon she whelped her first puppy. The puppies came every 25-30 minutes consistently and Dallas loved lapping up ice cream between puppies which helped to keep her energy and blood sugar up for the rest of her labor.
Labor slowed down a bit after she whelped her tenth puppy, which sadly, was D.O.A., but two hours later two more puppies arrived back to back, to complete the litter. She did an amazing job!
We have seven healthy boys and four healthy girls (thanks Buffi for alerting me to my number reversal) and they are just beautiful, ranging in color from light like their daddy, to dark like their mama.
We posted some photos and video we captured on our I-phones, but I finally managed to edit and upload the pictures I took during the whelping process.
If you have never witnessed puppies being born, it is amazing!!!
First puppy has arrived and she is getting ready to whelp puppy number two.


Having contractions


Three puppies on the scene!

A few hours later....

Another one emerging in the sac


Rich helping to tear the sac open

Dallas meeting and cleaning her newest addition

They all know exactly what to do and where to go, to get warmth and food.

Some of them came out already free of the sac.

Ice cream for mama!

One proud mama!
All done and enjoying the fruits of her labor.


Later on after Dallas had a bath, and we added clean, fresh, bedding.









Our little two year old grandson couldn't wait to meet the puppies. He was so excited to wash his hands and have some help from his mom while he held them. It was just precious and he was so gentile and sweet with them!
These photos were captured yesterday.





We hope you enjoyed the journey with us!


  1. Ice cream! That made me laugh. What a great idea for mama. Whew - that's a lot of puppies! I'm glad I've never had to birth more than one at a time. ;) Seeing puppies born IS amazing. We were blessed to see it once with our dog Dixie. She had 5 hyper-crazy-chewing-adorable little dogs.

    1. Lisa, I know! Ice cream was a brand new concept to us, as well. It was a remarkable help, though. Last time she stopped contracting after her twelfth puppy was born, but the next morning she started contracting again and had a still born puppy. Had we known about ice cream, we might have saved the life of the thirteenth puppy. She was just worn out and couldn't do any more. This time she had energy throughout the whole process and did awesome! Haha, five hyper crazy chewing adorable dogs? Wow! :) I'm glad you got to witness the whelping process. God amazes me with the way he creates. I'm always in awe at how naturally our Goldens handle the whole pregnancy, labor, whelping, and mothering of their puppies. And the puppies, just like our babies, know what to do right from birth, to stay warm and fed. So sweet!

  2. Cute photos. I was really excited to see this post - you hadn't posted in so long!

    1. Thanks, Tabby! Yes...summer has been a very busy season around here. I hope to get back on track posting again. Good to hear from you! :)