Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Summer Lovin'

I can't believe it's been nearly a month since I have written.
Summer is such a fun and busy time for us.  The weather this year has broken records in our area. It's been very dry and very warm, even in the month of June which is notorious for loads of rain! the evergreen state, the most visible color these days is brown.  It's strange to see our yard hosting only spots of green here and there and walking barefoot in it, is painful.  I do miss the lush, green, grass and the cool feeling of it on my bare feet, but I can't complain.  The sunny days have enabled us to get a lot accomplished, and we have enjoyed several trips to the beach with friends and family this summer.
Yesterday we had all of our grandkiddos here together for the first time in a long time. Kyla and Kendrick spent the night with us Monday night. We love having them and feel so privileged to have all of our grandkiddos close by.  Brandi and her kids came out yesterday, and Heidi arrived with Marlee a little later on. We had tacos for lunch and the kids ran around playing in the woods, building forts, enjoying the pool, the trampoline, a few games on the Wii, several rounds of checkers, and a movie or two.
My camera as usual, was busy snapping pictures of all the fun. <3
Kenny and his Uncle Levi
Kyla and her Uncle Noah having a little "Wii time"
I'm not sure if you can tell, but our family sort of likes babies
Our fifteen year old daughter managed to abduct my camera and snap a couple of pictures of Marlee and me. Thanks, Christine!
I returned the favor :)
Kyran and his Uncle Noah playing checkers
All of the aunties and uncles, and cousins together.
We were in a huge hurry to capture memories of everyone while their mamas were packing to leave, so the lighting is far from optimum, but the essence of who they are and the fun they all have together is pretty evident. :)
This is how we bathe at Papa and Nama's house!

I hope everyone else is enjoying a wonderful summer!

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