Monday, September 14, 2015

Puppies, Potty Training, and Home Schooling

Raising puppies is one of the best hobbies for our family. Our kids have learned a great deal about how to care for animals, train puppies, and they are developing a strong work ethic based on tough commitment. It's one of the best things we have done as a home school family.

Each day begins with taking the puppies outside to do their duties, feeding them and their mom and grandma breakfast, cleaning the kennel, and keeping them on schedule throughout the day. The kids help take the puppies out to go potty every two hours, and feed them their meals three times a day. They help clean up  messes, assist in weighing them, keeping records of their growth, and bathing them once a week.
We introduced them to a duck wing yesterday.
Birdy dogs, they are!
Our puppies are almost five weeks old already. The time has flown by and they are growing like adorable little golden weeds!
Every day they are learning new things. Watching them wobble around on their little legs with their fluffy little bodies makes us smile and laugh. They bark in their tiny little bark voices at each other, playfully tugging at the tails, and ears of their litter mates.  


 We had a big party in the yard with all the canine relatives and Grandma Tessa enjoyed nurturing her granddoggies even allowing them to faux nurse on her.


 Dallas enjoyed meeting the adoptive family for little Doc


 These little puppies loved the bird wing and played with it, carrying it around the yard.

 They are curious about everything!


 Playing "follow the leader" with their mother







 Grandma Tessa playing nursemaid.


Tessa receiving some affection from her grandpuppy


 Do you think I can fit in this pipe?






We are trying out a new potty training technique with this "toilet" area in the pen. The puppies are doing very well with it, and are not using the rest of the pen to do their duties during the day.

 Grandma Tessa guarding the pen




 Nap Time!




Stay tuned for more puppy posts in the coming weeks!


  1. Awwwwww ... the puppies are SOOO cute. :) Taking them out every 2 hours for potty breaks - that's no small feat with that many puppies! What a great family business that teaches so many good things.
    My boys and I have had to take over afternoon goat and chicken chores, now that Tabby's at school. It's been so good for them!

    1. Thank you, Lisa. Yes, it's definitely a big job, and yet so much fun playing with the puppies, too. I'll bet you all miss having Tabby home. Do the boys enjoy the goat and chicken chores? That's so good for them! I didn't realize until recently how much I depended on my older kids to do the bigger chores. Now that they are gone more often, I am helping the younger boys learn how to pick up some of the slack. They are much older than their older siblings were when they began doing those chores. I didn't realize I still thought of them as "little guys," lol. They are so capable! It's been fun working with them and very rewarding for all of us. :)